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Stalking The Night

May 25, 2009
By MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
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Chapter#1,The beginning is not the end

It was a dark and silent night.A black cloaked figure walked swiftly against the cold,dead air.Babys' crys could be heard from miles away.Teens wreching with laughter can be heard from a drive-in-movie,where John Travolta's voice was beating loud and clear.
The night's stillness brought an uneasy dangerous feeling about the young woman in the cloak.With blonde hair,blue eyes,and a face so pale it was the color of a sheet,and such a stricken face that she almost appeared as a skeleton.How ever the closer you got the more she appeared as a skeleton.She knew where she was going and she knew why.

Chapter#2,The Boy Awakens

It was a bright and sunny day.Daniell was awoken with the biggest urge.Two days till halloween!They meaning his dad and him were going costume hunting!
"Daddy!!!"He went screaming down the hall.It was such a bright day that no lights were needed to see in the normally dark lime green hallway that haunted several apartments on their block.
John,a grave-yard cop had peeked his head out of the covers as his son jumped on his legs,screaming above his lungs.He hadn't gotten home until three A.M. and only got a minimum of three and a half hours of sleep.As he watched his four year old blond haired son grasp his feet which lay on the pillows at the head of his bed he couldn't help but wonder why Danny's mother would ever abandon him.Such a sweet,small boy in such a huge world.
Then as his son shrieked,"Daddy,your head shrunk!"He flung himself up,and started tickling Danny.He tickled him till his little ribs hurt,he tickled him until Danny cried of laughter,and he tickled him until pure joy sang through the little boy's big brown eyes.
An hour later they were in the Satin Super-Market.Danny was looking through the costumes.There was so much to choose from,but he just couldn't decide which.He could be a vampire,a ghost,a whitch,the devil,or maybe an angel! He could also choose to be a soldier,but he was always into more mystical,and magical things.John was watching his son as he fiddled with his own brown hair.It kept lying in the path of his thick grey eyes.
"I've finally decided!I'm going to be an invisible,blood drinking angel,with horns and a wand!"He explained.
"Why don't you just be a soldier?"Said the unsurprised father,he had a faint awareness of someone watching,but no one was in sight.
After paying for the costumes they left for CiCi's Pizza.Danny's favorite place to go.It was located in the middle of down-town.
"Yummm.This is good!"Ever since he could chew Danny's favorite food was pizza and brownies.His first word that he ever muttered was actually "Pizza!"
When Danny went off to play Mini-games John noticed a shadowy figure,her gaze peircing him like fire does to wood. With her pale face against the shiny blonde hair that lay curled to her head gave her the appearance of a queen. Slowly but timedley, she got up and slowed her pace just enough as she left for John to hear the soft whisper that was so,for some reason expected he wasn't for certain that she had uttered it as more than a whimper of dying death.But he knew that she had said with bitter forceness,the name Ryannah.
What a strange girl.She was wearing an orange layered summer dress with a yellow belt going around her middle.With yellow strapped sandles and a pink colored cloak it gave her the impression of a teacher.

Chapter#3,The more important the shorter it is

She was here,she knew it,this time she wouldn't let her sister get ahead of her.Last time she had,and her plan almost failed.I must be more careful,is all that her mind was uttering.One more mistake like that one and my death is sure to come,But how to get past it?How may I ever save that sweet sincere boy from his own mother?


"My sister is close by.I can feel it."Said Ryannah in a slithering voice.Which if snakes could speak english would no doubt be misinterpreted as it's voice.
"Are you absolutely sure?"Pressed Parline as he watched her face grow red with anger.He still had a lot to learn.
"If I wasn't sure I wouldn't have mentioned it.Now would I?"Spat Ryannah Her blood red hair sooted her Personality just right as she tryed not to suppress her anger and resentment at all.How could I get stuck with such a Half-Blood!She thought.Of all the ones I got stuck with this Dud!
She turned and began their long journey down the dark smelly must filled tunnel.Her sister was quite the brain.Funny,she had thought to herself,in my years being the oldest meant you had all the brains but her family was the opposite.
"She's getting closer."Said Ryannah as she rounded a bend in the tunnel,"Do you smell that Parline?Manure.My sister is quite the trick.You see she loves humans so much that she doesn't dare touch one.Although she is merley a protector of Humans She still must drink blood for it to continue running through her veins.That is the only way for her to continue to be imortal.Instead of drinking from something close though she goes after bats or cows near farms.Manure is the only weakness of full-blooded vampire's sense of smell."
"I'm sorry,but what's a Protector?"Asked Parline.Ryannah let out a scowl.
"A protector is an extremely powerful witch.She or he is meant to protect humans . Against anything magical that wants to harm them.They're also very famously known as Millicents.With their strength any creature would be mortified to be in ones presence.Of course I'm not,because millicent runs through my blood.Since I've gotten rid of my entire family the only threat to me is my young sister Pizzah.And before you open that huge mouth of yours-no, not all Millicents are good.Those of which are banished but aren't always caught.No Parline You are not a millicent.Millicents get their power one way and one way only,....Through blood.Family blood."
She had noticed his ashened face as he fell in line of her footsteps down the dark slabbed tunnel.A question tearing at his lips.Oh, Mercy what is it now?She asked heself.
"I'm sorry Ryannah but...I still don't understand.What magical creatures would be afraid of a millicent?"Pushed Parline,"Especially the worst feared of all?"
"The Polet Banshee fears it more than any creature alive! Unlike most banshees the polet is more like a vampire than anything.Considering it decends off the first known vampire to man.But guessing by the look on your face you have no idea what a Polet Banshee is.So listen up Dork-anncelote! I won't explain it again!A Polet Banshee sucks the soul out of human children for food. They do so by Suspending the child on a flat wooden table with metal bands that snaps shut on their wrists and ankles.Then they make sure the child is unconscious by giving it a drug they make themselves.They inject it with a needle.Next they would place the thing in a black coffin for the whole night.Then the following morning is feeding time.As the child wakes up they hook a hand-made thing up to it's chest where the heart rests.The device slowly sucks the warmth from their bodys to make them even more frightened.The blood therefore beats faster through their body.With the child conscious and well aware of the pain coursing through their whole entire body the Polet's drink.Biting through the child's skin all at once.Imagine it nine to ten unhuman creatures biting into your skin all at once.HaHaHaHa! I can see it happening! I was invited to one not long ago.It was quite the show.Anyhow,They would drink with the child's cry blasting through the cave.The sound so vivid it would be torchered into your brain forever,if you had a heart.Then the leader would take her claw and very easily push it an inch into the child's body about half an inch under their collar bone.Five inches of the claw still left out.After that the leader would pull the claw down their front ripping open the skin.What little blood that was left would start trickling out,and one by one each Banshee would rip out an organ and start to feast.The heart and lungs would be saved for last.So the child could take many more penetrating breaths.The pain would feel like fire lapping at your skin,but you never die and it never leaves.Then slowly it drifts into a Painful beyond notion of death."She smiled and paused to look at the horror that shown on Parline's face."Of course there is always what they do with the remains after the death.The skin is sewn into clothes,The little blood is stored for another meal when running low,The bones rest as furniture in the den,and the child's soul that was supposed to go on to the after-life joins the banshee's that ate the heart,for that is where the soul truly lies.With this, the banshee's power and youth returns stronger.Alas the Polet must feast once a month on the morning of the full moon."
"But,If they are as you say Ryannah,why fear a millicent?"
"Because.A millicent can kill a Polet banshee if skilled enough,and when one is killed all the souls they've collected comes pouring out of them.All the torture they put those souls through now would course through their own bodys at once.It is, ....a terrible way to die,but well deserved."She turned her head upward.Something was listening,Something was there and if Parline was any bit smart he'd notice but of course he didn't.So what am I to do she asked herself.Keep talking.Keep talking that's the only way.Then she went on explaining what a Polet Banshee was,keeping her eyes and ears open.But of course Parline never noticed anything.


"Ugh! This manure is making my nostrils bleed!" Cried Pizzah in disgust.
"Well your the one who suggested it." Said James as he tied up a piece of garlic to a fence post."I thought that garlic thing was just a myth."
"Oh,it is.You see the truth is most vampires are actually allergic to garlic,and my sister is one of them.Ryannah can't even touch one or she brakes out in a terrible rash." Explained Pizzah,and when she saw him looking at her to the garlic she went on,"I'm not allergic though and you certainly aren't."
"Obviously." Said James,"Do you smell that?" He asked as his face screwed up into tight lines.
"No,i can't smell anything over the manure.Remember what i told you about the sense of smell? It was the same time i told you about the Polet."
"Oh,right.Well it's sort of like-rotting eggs,but yet i don't know,the worse smell you could probably encounter on a farm.Kinda like-dead fish." He sniffed the air as he talked.
"It must be my sister."Said Pizzah with a sigh,"Have you ever heard of Tethology?" As he shook his head she went on,"Well first i need to tell you this.I am not a vampire,so quite covering your neck."
"Sorry!" James quickly pulled down his shirt collar.
"Yes most of the things you've heard is in fact true,but you see my sister was Bit on the neck when she was young,young and foolish.But she wants people to think she is full-blooded.A millecent is not a vampire,though they can be.Ryannah was a millicent,that is before she killed our whole family.Once a vampire tastes blood,they can never go back.Within doing so she lost all-courtesy of a millicent,but she still holds all the power of one.Once your a millicent you remain one for the rest of your undead life.Some millicents live peaceful lives and die,while others have a purpose and work to keep themselves alive,like me.I see you are even more confused than before so let me explain in more simple words."
She took a big breath.
"Ok,Once you are titled a millicent,you will always hold that title,nomatter what you become.Millicent's are generally strong wizards or whitches,most commonly they skip generations in familys.The odds of coming across a millicent are slim to none.Very few remain in this world today.A millicent may loose respect but all the title really means is that they have great power beyond this universe. Humans can not be millicents for they have no magical power.Most millicents have power within their souls and very few have weaknesses but there is always one weakness that can kill them faster than death can come.Mine,yes i know it.My sister almost killed me with it when i was 16,she gave it to me as a gag gift,she was,i believe 18.Since she was the only one who knew what it was only her and i know the substance.It hasn't slipped pass either of our lips because she wants to kill me herself,and i certaintly don't need anymore competition.In truth i am not a vampire,in fact no one in my family has ever been a vampire except Ryannah.She was Bit at a young age and many events followed after-ward.She still is a millicent for her power but she is not a respected one.So. Now do you understand? A millicent can be a vampire but most commonly are not inless they are evil.Ryannah is not only a vampire but also a millicent.I am just a millicent.You are just a wizard in training.One thing my sister has forgotten is that millicents do not need blood to stay alive all they need is love to live,and my heart rests with Danny and his father."

Chapter#6,Danny and his step-dad

"Daddy,how far away is Halloween anyway?" Young Danny asked innocently as his father drove the family van down a narrow street.
"Oh,I'd say about a month-" His father said,laughing at the fact that he was trying to count the days up on his hand.
Halloween had always been Danny's favorite holiday to prepare for,and now it's coming again.My,how times pass.
Danny started busting with questions,but then grew strangely quiet,for next right out of the blue something rushed infront of the car,the pale moonlight just verily tapping it with a light streik of white.John swerved but to no advantage.The van had hit it head-on.He told Danny to stay put and got out of the vehicle.

Chapter#7.The creature reveals

"Parline,MUST i go through this again?! Your like a cakoon that hasn't yet bloomed!" Ryannah wailed about ready to loose her temper.
"Yeah,yeah,I'M the one with problems-" Muttered Parline under his breath once more forgetting the well developed hearing that Ryannah has managed to muster.
Her face began to grow red,her eyes glazed over.She knew that if she opened her mouth it would be nothing but a wrenching shriek and her sister would be sure to hear it.She had to keep her mouth shut,but that just couldn't be helped.Ryannah was never the best with her temper-
"You know Parline,I think the one here-with the real problems-is not me nor u,but if you make one more mistake tonight as to going back at me or my words,I promise you-one of us will definitely NOT be ok!"
Upahead the bat dissapeared through a crack in the ceiling with no notice at all.

'That's strange' thought Ryannah as silence fell over the small sewer walls, '-whatever was here before is not here now...'

A loud screech wheeled it's way through the small farm until it reached it's destination.Pizzah and James were just starting to knodd off when suddenly,James sat up-startled.
"Everything alright James?"Asked Pizzah with a yawn
"There's a bat near,I heard the familiar tone-thanks to you." He said with a smile, "But it wasn't a regular bat,not at the crack of dawn that is.So,sun-light has no effect on vampires,right?" He asked as he looked around
Pizzah could hear it now to.The claws scratching the wood panel that lay over-head.
"Right,most vampires just hate the light and of course are easily spotted by their enemies,so most prefer to hunt at night.My sister being one of them,only coming out when necessary." They were both sitting straight up by now,their ears held at attention.
"Well well,if it isn't little Pizzah." Said a slithering voice from the corner of the shack.The second she heard it cold shivers went down her back,The hairs stood in a brisk formation on the back of her neck and her head spun around so quick a sharp pain seared through it.Daniell? It couldn't be....He,why? What could he want,He couldn't be looking for Danny could he? No,no of course not! He never cared for the boy,even when Danny wasn't even born he cared nothing for him.
"What do you want Daneill?" Asked Pizzah,she tried to make her voice strong and firm,but instead it came out in a dismayed whisper.He smirked.
"Can't a man just stop bye to say hi?" His lips twisted into a sickening grin and he gave a small laugh as he looked between Pizzah and James.James had stood up beside Pizzah the second he had come into view, 'He is definitely not weak' Thought Daneill.
"Alright then," He said as Pizzah held her firm and hard stare right into his eyes,"I'd like to see my son.If you don't mind,but of course you don't." He said with another sickening smile.
"Well,on the contrary,I do mind! And even if i didn't,i have no knowledge as to where your son is."Spat Pizzah-Which in a way was the truth,for she did not know the where-abouts of Danny at this exact moment.
"LIAR!" Yelled Daneill,and he jumped forward seizing Pizzah by the neck.He pushed her into a wall and began raising her up, strangling her.She started to choke.Then James pulled out his wand and muttered a curse,it hit Daneill right in the middle of his back, sending him flying off into the other direction.As he scrambled to get up Pizzah grabbed James and pulled him into a shadowy corner.
"Just think about this Pizzah! Who would you prefer to have young Danny! His mother who just wants to kill him! Or me,his father that just wants to give him a loving home with a mother that WANTS him!"Then he dispatched out the door,letting out his cape,he took flight.
"You mean take him away from the only loving home he's ever knew and put him somewhere that would be a NIGHT-MARE in his eyes!" Pizzah yelled after him,not knowing if he'd heard her or not,or if he even cared-

Chapter#8,What Comes Next,The Chicken Or The Egg?

"Um,James-i think you mean-what came 1st."
"You would think so,wouldn't you Pizzah," He said with a light smile full of laughter.It's been 2weeks since that little run-in with Daneill,and they were both sitting under a bridge near the oceans edge. "You see Pizzah,for us we know what came first,obviously Ryannah fell in love with Daneill before she knew what he was planning to do,turn her out once she had a child.Ryannah got pregnant before she knew he was planning to leave her.Therefore we can conclude very many things.
1;Ryannah can't stand to look at Danny because he reminds her to much of the heart-brake Daneill had caused her,so-she threw him in the river,later she discovered he still was alive and with a step-father.Still feeling the lies and regret of ever loving Daneill,she decided that if she couldn't have Danny then no-one could,which I'm guessing is why she'll go to the end of the world just to be able to get hold of Danny.In all honesty-i think Danny is her only key for something to live for.It's a goal in her life that keeps her going,without it,the only thing left for her to do is to kill you,and that's not getting anywhere is it?"
He took a deep breath then went on,
"So you see,the question isn't 'What comes first,it's what comes next.' "
Pizzah looked at him in awe 'He is by far the most brilliant man I've ever met.' She thought to herself and outloud she smiled and gave a little laugh."So if Daneill's already gotten to us then - "
"I'm sure he's already gotten to Ryannah."Finished James
"Which means..."

'How,how could this be?' Ryannah was pacing back and forth,thoughts forming in her head. 'After all this time-everything the two of us has gone through,all he can say is-I've found someone else,and I love her Ryannah,please understand..she wants a son to raise but she can't have children,she's even planning to raise him evil,isn't that satisfying?-and then he gave that stupid grin! What was i supposed to say?! This can't be happening! Not now! Not here!And of course during all things Parline just sat in a corner shaking! Ugh,Good help is hard to find these days! But if this is true,then not only do i have Pizzah to look out for-i also have Daneill on my tail,which can only mean...'

"My darling,i am very tired,i am sorry but i haven't found the location of the boy yet."Yawned Daneill as he trudged into the dark mansion.
"It is all right Dan,we will find him,it just takes...time.I haven't given up hope yet,although i don't want you to think your becoming to get spoiled either,so tonight i think i will visit my sister's house."Said Janice as she lightly slid her hand down his arm. "Don't take forever Darling,I don't want to grow to lonely in an empty house."
Dan gave a great moan and in response she flashed a smile.'It shouldn't be long' She thought to herself.
"Ryannah and Pizzah are both after the boy for different reasons,neither know where he is though."
'Which means...'

"It's a fight to the finish." Spoke three different people at three different locations at the exact same time.


It was Halloween,just two hours until trigger-treat.Danny was running around the house,his father watching the colors fly right infront of his eyes.Just this one little boy had red horns on his head,vampire teeth in his mouth,A long White angel costume on that was stained with blood and glow-in-the-dark cream on his face and hands with a wand sticking out of his right pocket.
"Is it time yet?"Asked Danny for about the fifth time.
"Not yet,there's still one hour left.

Not far away in a small town Daneill walked the street,this was the one time he didn't have to hide his-abnormality and as he looked around he saw who he was looking for.On a park bench not far away sat a small fat little man,most knew him as the local stores nice quiet owner,very few knew him as 'lord Pain' a very well known man in the magical world for his record as a successful longest-living vampire known to man. "Pain." Said Daneill nodding his head as he sat down beside him.
"I take it as you haven't changed your mind."Replied Pain in an exasperated voice.
"You sound surprised.I told you,this one is different.I love her like no one before,i need to honor her wishes.SO,do u have what i need?"
"Of course.Here." said pain as he handed over a spray-bottle,inside contained a black thick liquid,"You remember what we discussed?"
Daneill nodded.
"Good,the boy can be found with his step-father down in the bay area,but remember,and this is the most very important thing if you want to continue living then..."

"Parline PLEASE tell me you found out where the boy is?! We haven't an hour!"Pleaded Ryannah.
Parline allowed a grin to cover his face,"Well i did as you said,then went to my own sources. In doing so i found out that Young Danny and his step-father can be found in the Bay area-tonight."They were perched on a small fountain in a park in a small town not far from where Danny and his father drove with no knowledge of what would soon befall them.
"Perfect!"Jeered Ryannah,"I must be on my way!Good-day Parline!" Ryannah was so over-joyed that a smile divided her face in half.
"But Ryannah-There is one more thing,If you want to live to see tomorrow,then..."

"Oh James,Your the best!" Yelled Pizzah as she danced around in a circle,"Your absolutley,posittivly the BEST!!!"
"Pizzah calm down!" James was laughing his head off,though he knew that Pizzah would surly cause a little to much attention in this small park,as the only shelter they had was the tree against their backs.
"Pizzah it's almost time."He said,looking a tad worried.
"Oh James there's nothing to be worried about! Thinks to you i know what costume he'll be wearing! It'll be much easier to find him now!"
"Well,yes,but that's not what i'm worried about..."He sighed,"I just-just don't get hurt,ok?" Tears started to swell in his eyes,and she looked as if tears were going to start shedding from her own eyes just at the sight of his.He pulled her into a tight embrace and she held him close.
"I want to tell you something Pizzah,something i've wanted to say to you since the day i met you,but first you need to know this one last thing,if people find out who we are,WHAT we are,they will kill us,so the most important thing to remember is..."

"DON'T GET CAUGHT!" All three voices chimed in as one.They swerved around,each looking back and forth to their enemies,finally all of them-face to face.Pizzah,James,Ryannah,Parline,Daneill,and Lord Pain.
Pizzah broke free from James' grasp.
Ryannah's smile faded.
Daneill's mouth twitched.
James' stepped right beside Pizzah.
Parline fell into Ryannah's shadow.
Pain' stood straight right beside Daneill.
And their last words were spoken.
"Thanks."Muttered all three,and they flew off as fast as they could,Daneill turned into a bat and fled off toward the bay,followed in pursuit by Pizzah on foot,and Ryannah Jumping from place to place.
"Anything for an old friend."Whispered Pain' knowing he couldn't be heard
"No,Ryannah.Thank-you."Said Parline under his breath.
"I love you."Stated James as he stared at Pizzah's dissapearing back.

Chapter#10,Drugged and kidnapped

'It's almost been an hour!' Daneill was the first to arrive,and he couldn't find Danny anywhere.He began to walk aside the railing to the skate-park once more,the others haven't even arrived yet,so where is he?Then as he spotted a young boy holding his father's hand he knew immediateness it was Danny.His looks took after him.As they were walking back from another house Daneill pulled out the bottle Pain' had gave him.He started walking in pace behind John.When they were rounding a bend with no one around Daneill slipped five or four sprays into the candy bucket and he dissapeared into the knight.

'Where is he?' It's been two hours,i mean i know i was the last one here,but come on! They couldn't have found him yet,right?' Pizzah was tearing herself apart not able to rest her burning thoughts.'Well that's one thing,Ryannah's over their sitting,waiting,just like me.So where's Daneill?'

'Ok,so if i'm here and Pizzah's over there looking as helpless as i feel,then where's Daneill? He couldn't have gotten to Danny yet,could he?Oh no,this isn't good!I,i don't want Danny evil,i hate what I've become and i don't want him to experience it to! Oh,who am i kidding! I just don't want that slime-bag Jenice to have him! He's my son! Not hers!'

What had happened was Danny had begun to grow very tired.So John took him home early.When they got home John layed Danny to bed after cleaning him up and promised to let him have some candy tomorrow after he had checked it. So after Danny had passed out John went down into the living room and sat down on the couch,turning the T.V. on he began to inspect the candy. After about twenty minutes of checking candy he slipped a couple peices into his mouth,it wasn't long after he himself slipped into a deep,dark sleep.

This was just what he was waiting for! Daneill was proud of himself.He had got there and done his job before Pizzah and Ryannah even got to the bay,they were probably sill looking for Danny,plus he succeeded in slipping the sleeping potion onto the candy,parents always checked candy first and then eat a few after the little ones go to bed.Now all he had to do was grab Danny.He flew as a bat to the little boy's window and landed like a cat on the soft carpet.
Gently he picked Danny up and cradled him in his arms,this is the first time he's ever held his son.Going to the window he climbed out and flew back to the mansion.

Chapter#11,You Will Love this Stranger,As She Is Your New Mom.

"Jenice,"Daneill gently said as he walked through the door,Danny was stll fast asleep."I'd like you to meet your son,Danny.But be quiet because he's had a long night and is dead tired.
"Oh Daneill!"He's gorgeous! He looks just like you." Her mouth had a smile forever painted on it,having a son makes her the happiest person on that earth-even in death."I will take him to his new room."
"Alright love."Said Daneill.
It's late into the night.It's been two-hours.Danny is still fast asleep with Janice gently rocking him back and forth.Then the window in his 'room' shattered with a tremendous noise that Sent Danny into a fit of tears and crys,the glass shatters went into every nook and cranny possible,it was a two story window and therefore had a huge affect.Red hair whipped through the window,and the boy's mother stood over Jenice before Daneill could even get the door open.She pulled out a silver stake which was wrapped in linen so not to hurt the holder,and she stabbed it into Janice's heart.The vampire let out a horrifying scream which terrified the boy even more.Then, Daneill broke the door in,he was finally there,and the scene was to much to take in.
Janice was dissapearing into a pile of black smoldering ash,and Off in the distance through the shattered window you could see Ryannah making it off far in the distance with her baby in her arms.

Chapter#12,If I Can't Have You No One Can

"Come now darling,don't be afraid."Ryannah wished she could just strangle the boy here and now.It was dead of night,and Ryannah had the boy by the hand forcing him to follow her across a dark narrow bridge that crossed over a vast lake that looked like blood in the pale light.She had to do this right.The child's blood contained mostly vampire,She smirked to herself as she wondered if Pizzah had ever considered this,every evil vampire and creature in this world wants this boy dead,and she knows it.'This boy,small as he may be,is one of the most important people in this world,though he's better to some of us dead!' She thought.
She stopped,they were at the waters edge.She knew she had to do this fast.Binding him with a powerfull string backed up by magic she started with gagging him and then bound him at his feet and up.Then hearing running footsteps behind her she knew Pizzah had finally found them.She was surprised out how long it took.She stepped aside and pushed the boy backwards and whatched him sink to the icy,black depths.

'I know she's near.I can smell her,sense her.Where is she,i knew from the moment i heard Daneill scream like that.She must have took Danny and above that,I think she killed Janice.If i know my sister at all,she killed Janice.' Pizzah was running through a thin forest now,up-ahead she could hear rushing water,and stopped in her tracks,across the bridge down by the bank she saw Ryannah Binding Danny,'of course! She wants to kill him! And with her being his mom she can't touch his blood!It's just another one of those dumb rules,so she's going to dround him instead!' She ran as fast as she could but to no use,by the time she reached the bankRyannah had already gone and Danny was no-where in sight.Before she could even think she was taking off her shoes and cloak,laying them aside she jumped,head-first into the water.She came back up and went back down about two times,finally on her third dive she saw something verily visible from a thin layer of light from a street-lamp.She pulled it to the surface.

Chapter#13,Timidly-she walks up to the door

"I can't do this."Cried Pizzah though you couldn't tell through all the water that drenched her body.
"Yes you can,i'll be here the whole time."Said James as he gave her a hug.She let out a sigh.
"Here goes-"She walked up to the door through the icy cold wind,dawn approaching.

Chapter#14,The Horrible Truth

John slowly started to awake.His head was throbbing and it took a while to stand up,he had passed out onto the floor but he couldn't understand why.There was this awfull feeling in his stomach,something was wrong!He ran to Danny's room and searched his bed,no one was there.He ran through the house yelling the littles boy's name,HIS little boy.He tore the place apart,he went outside and looked in the garage, in the garden,by the lake,in the car anywhere and everywhere he could.He had even checked his own room.Then finally he went back to his bed-room to call 911 and there on the bed lay a very tired and very wet Danny.

Chapter#15,She Knows

"I can't believe after all that,the little mangie thing is still alive!"Ryannah was going into a frenzy
"Calm down Ryannah,Besides it's not him we realy care about-it's her isn't it?I mean after all-it's she that has caused us all this... pain."
"If it weren't would i ever be planning to work with you?"
"I suppose not,i still can't believe she.of all people killed Janice."
"Yes,but now you have a reason to help me kill her."

At that same moment not far away a little boy was crawling out the front-door of his house and didn't stop till he reached a bush,getting up on his legs he walked over to the young female that sat behind it and hugged her around the waist his father followed close behind,whatching his son hug this-stranger,The other person a young male sat across from her with a smile spreading across his face.The next words that were spoken-no one could ever believe and some found confusing..

Chapter#16,Words Spoken In Truth.

"Love is forever, and You are My forever."

The author's comments:
I hope you guys like this, and it's not too long. I was actualy planning on this to be longer when I first began to write it. But my impaitence had me cut it off short:) Ideas come to fast and my emotions change to often to be able and write a good, steady story.

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