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The Nut Tree

September 14, 2023
By Anonymous

The Nut Tree

There is a Squirrel who lives in a nut tree. This tree has the best nuts in the forest according to Squirrel. One day a raccoon was walking by and a nut fell on his head and the raccoon ate it. Squirrel saw him eat the nut and said what is your name and why are you eating my nuts. The raccoon responded by saying his name was Rocky and a nut fell on his head while looking for food. Rocky then left and told his friends how good the nut was and that they should shake the tree and get some nuts. Rocky and his friends Fox, Chip the Chipmunk, Woody the Woodpecker, and Bluey the Bluejay started to shake the tree. Squirrel is mad because he was sleeping and they woke him up. Rocky said they didn't mean any harm. Rocky and his friends asked Squirrel if they could have some of the nuts but Squirrel refused because they woke him up. Rocky and his friends left but had a plan, At night they would steal his nuts when he was sleeping. It was midnight and Rocky and his friends were ready to rob Squirrel from his nuts. Woody and Bluey started to fly and drop nuts while the others caught them for they didn’t make noise but little did they know Squirrel was looking at them. Squirrel began throwing rocks at Woody and Bluey so they could get away from his nuts. They both came crashing down with their wings injured. Rocky told Squirrel that they would come stronger next time. Squirrel wasn’t scared and said he’d be ready. Squirrel started preparing, made a slingshot, and collected pebbles by the river to use as ammunition. Squirrel also went to gather materials to set up traps and he made sure to hide them pretty well. Rocky started planning on how they could trap Squirrel so he could surrender and give up the nut tree. Rocky along with his friends are on the move to the nut tree until Chip trips on a piece of string and a cage falls on top of him. Everyone else tried to help him but the cage was to tick. Chip had to get left behind. They are walking more slowly and watching every step they take. Squirrel was following them but he ended up stepping on a branch. Bluey and Woody started flying above looking for Squirrel. Once they found him they went for the rest. Meanwhile, Chip was able to bite the cage open. They went on to chase Squirrel until he went and crashed into the nut tree. They ended up surrounding him and started to tell him to surrender. Squirrel ended up surrendering but there was a problem they didn't know how to share the nuts. They started arguing over how they were going to split the nuts. Until the tree started cracking and fell. They began to blame each other and didn’t see Squirrel escape. Squirrel grabbed the nuts and got away and nobody saw him

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