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June 20, 2009
By Hallie Messenger BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
Hallie Messenger BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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Meagan’s weirdness creates and awkward atmosphere throughout any cluster of people. She laughs at anything, actually more like snorts at her own jokes. As soon as she starts her snorting fiasco the whole class flips their heads around for the entertainment. They watch in silence and awe especially when her face explodes in a fire-engine red color and her nose crinkles up every time she snorts. Likewise, another one of Meagan’s geeky mistakes happens when she ‘forgets’ to slide on deodorant in the morning. I assure you one day I almost suffocated because I had no desire to breath in that nasty aroma. In addition to her foul pits her hair hangs as stringy as spaghetti yet it stores as much grease as a big-mac. When you bump into her a shiver travels down your spine concurrently, goose bumps form on your arms. Without warning, your hand swiftly dives into your back pocket fishing out that five-dollar bill. As an automatic reaction you shove the money into Meagan’s sweaty palm explaining, “Take this and go buy some shampoo, while you roam the aisles be sure to grab some deodorant, too!” Hopefully Meagan won’t come to school with a curly tail, it seems as if she’s sprouting various pig-like characteristics!

The author's comments:
I wrote this in seventh grade, having to write a paragraph of why someone was weird, of course we couldn't use real names... so when I submitted it to my teacher I used the name Reagan, instead of Meagan, my friend. Of course my friend, Meagan, doesn't actually snort while she laughs or forgets to apply deodarant, I just like to make fun of her... ;)

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