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May 7, 2021
By taylorjaj604 BRONZE, Albany, Georgia
taylorjaj604 BRONZE, Albany, Georgia
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- Oprah Winfrey

   Beauty.., what you think about yourself is your kind of beauty, not what other people think. Other people's opinions shouldn't matter!. Beauty is not just about your looks, your body, or weight, being fat or skinny doesn't make you beautiful or perfect. True beauty is how you feel about yourself, having self-confidence, and most importantly self love. There are two kinds of beauty; outer beauty and inner beauty, but only inner beauty is true beauty. Some people think beauty is all about what's on the outside, not true, what's on the inside is all that matters. Don't listen to the negative things people say about you because as long as you are comfortable with who you are, that's the only thing that should matter. True beauty doesn't come from wearing makeup or how your hair looks, it comes from the inside. Be yourself, don't try to change because others don't see your beauty or see you for who you are, God made you that way for a reason. God can see what's inside of you and he sees how beautiful you are. He loves you for you! Remember, Everyone is beautiful in their unique way.

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