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Good-Bye MAG

By Anonymous

   The taste and feel, sight and sound of the let-down filled his senses. The realization hit him with a quick, yet weakening blow. The strength and courage seeped from his chest. Pain replaced it. Tears caressed his cheeks in their own sorrowful good-bye. He felt as if he were fading.

The sourness of dreadful dissent poisoned his mouth. This mixed with the salty, bitter taste of tears that had reached the corners of his mouth. Unsuccessfully, he attempted to swallow it all, but the taste and the facts remained even though he would have gladly bid them farewell.

When he caught sight of himself in the mirror his eyes met those of one in pain. The eyes plainly showed their grief as it overflowed and spilt across a face that mirrored the same sadness. His muscles tensed at the scene. The jaw clenched so tightly that it trembled. He turned from the sight, but there was much to be seen elsewhere.The future. The future would be an intense struggle, a challenge, a puzzle, The puzzle would have innumerable pieces and one would be missing forever . He saw himself alone. He saw himself ....

The dial tone hummed, followed by the sound of his unsteady fingers punching the phone's buttons and the ringing of the distant phone. He heard the familiar voice. The voice's concern and emotion filled his ears. He didn't hear the words as much as he heard the point of the conversation. Then he heard his own voice and the words, his words. Their sound was deathly, "good-bye .... " n

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i love this !