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March 5, 2019
By G-J-Samuel GOLD, Tirana, Other
G-J-Samuel GOLD, Tirana, Other
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I wake up once more from my deep sleep, the void of darkness engulfing my vision as half of Earth stands out with its blazing glow and vivid colors. I want to rest once more, closing the view of what’s in front of me. But I am forced to remain awake. And then I look at myself. My dry, dusty skin makes me feel like I am not half as good as her. Her skin, filled with the balanced colors of blue, green and white, seems softer than silk, a piece of art which grabs everyone’s attention. I, not even a quarter as majestic as her, am insignificant and small, easily going unnoticed. However, I would rather prefer going unnoticed than having the others stare into my deep craters which have been carved and been demolished into me. The unique shapes, filled with  colors green and light brown attract my attention as I try to find a new shape which I haven’t seen before. My greatest form of happiness and sadness revolves around her. I bleed with agony, becoming flaming red, yet I still don’t draw the attention which I crave. I cry with grief, becoming indigo blue, yet I still don’t draw the attention which I lack. Since when did a microscopic, itching flag thrusted into me become more significant than me myself? I look at Earth… being celebrated by those who she gives home to; her golden gleaming lights shining throughout her, while I stay in the dark background, alone, isolated, without anyone. I remember the day of being visited, the day which feels like yesterday. I try to fantasize about them staying here, enchanted by my beauty, yet I truly know that my deformed grey skin led them to leave disgusted in what felt like a second. The reality which buries me deep into space takes away my colors. So I try to rest once more, dreaming of a reality where I am at least half as lucky as her.



My indigo-emerald eyes open widely with admiration as the beautiful view of the moon lays in front of me. A new day born, the same feelings remain. As I stare at her deeply, praising her with the gaze of my eyes, the view of admiration rapidly turns into a deep pity for myself and the reality which I have been imprisoned in. Regardless of her beauty inside and out, she still goes unnoticed because of her size. However, if I could tell her one thing, it would be to embrace and cherish the privacy which she has received. My generosity has been taken advantage of by the people who I give home to. How much I would give to stay by myself and the coal black sky rather than being embraced by the human nature of chaos and greed. My body is burning in agony as the beings which I have given home to and taken care of, are poisoning me and each other. Murder, blood and war are engulfing and invading the body which used to stand for nature, love and peace. I used to find the beauty of things inside of me, yet I find nothing to admire anymore, making me appreciate the moon which lays in front of me. Her exalting silver skin shares the same color of a luminous pearl. The deep craters which have been buried into her show the history which she has experienced, a symbol of victory and how she has survived all of the dreadful events which have happened to her. She should not hide her craters because it is history marked within her body, a symbol of triumph. And as the moon stands out brightly from the dark, inky sky around her, dazzling everyone’s view, I once more resist the pain by closing my elder eyes and dreaming of a reality where I am at least half as lucky as her.

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