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My Best Friend

October 13, 2014
By gaabbbeeee_ BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
gaabbbeeee_ BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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  It’s funny how fast things can happen, right? Your whole life can change in the blink of an eye. You could be full of life one moment, and dead the next.
  Levi is an example of this drastic change; he is a small business owner. He is currently cleaning his shop as fast as he can to make it on time to dinner with his date to celebrate his two year anniversary with his girlfriend. He gets to Versace’s and realizes that Sharkeisha is flirting with the host. Levi realizes that the host is his cousin, Shane, who recently got hired there. The tension is uneasy between Levi and Shane the rest of the night. As the night progresses, Sharkeisha becomes more and more friendly towards Shane. Levi begins to feel like a third wheel on his own date. At the end of the night, as Levi is going to his car, he notices that Sharkeisha stayed back to continue to talk to Shane.
    After that day Levi and Sharkeisha’s relationship seemed to be a bit rocky. He notices her being more distant, constantly on her phone. He tries to spice things up and make efforts to fix it, but she keeps pushing him away. Levi decides to wait things out and continues to focus on managing his restaurant, Versace’s. He decides to surprise Sharkeisha and take her out that night, but she doesn’t answer her phone. Call after call, voicemail after voicemail, Levi is getting worried. He decides to leave work early and see what’s going on. As he pulls up to his house, he notices Shane’s car in the driveway. He opens up the door, and he notices articles of clothing going up the stairs leading to his bedroom. He opens the door.
    Levi wakes up dazed and confused in the back of a cop car, knuckles bruised and bloody. He mumbles to the cops
“Wh... where am I?” The officer chuckles,
“Boy you’ve had a rough night.” As he begins to remember what happened, he starts to feel betrayed and angry.
“How could she do this to me?” he thought to himself, “after everything I’ve done for her. My own family.” Levi kept repeating to himself.
“What’s the last thing you remember?” asked the officer. Levi struggles to remember but then it comes to him.
“I… I caught my girlfriend sleeping with my cousin, after that I rushed towards them and then everything went black, MY OWN FAMILY!” the officers had to hold Levi down cause he was going out of control.
Once he was settled, the officer told him “Luckily we got there in time before you did anything you might regret.”
Levi was let out the next day, and he came home to an empty house all of Sharkeisha’s stuff was gone. He curled up into a ball in the middle of the living room and began to sob. Months went on without Sharkeisha, but a day didn’t go by where he didn’t think of her.
    One day he noticed Sharkeisha and Shane enter his restaurant. He tried avoiding them at all costs. Levi kept his eyes on Sharkeisha, the longer he stared he noticed cuts and bruises in her arms and face. He noticed how aggressive Shane was being towards her. As the night went on he heard a plate shattering and a commotion began to happen. He dashed quickly to the front and all he noticed Sharkeisha on the floor holding her face and the door closing. Levi attended to her, and he thought chasing after him wouldn’t be the best idea because he wouldn’t be able to control himself. 
After that Levi and Sharkeisha stayed late after closing and just caught up. They shared all the experiences they had while they were separated. They decided to take a walk, to the college library where they first met. They began holding hands and running up the stairs, playing around like they were teenagers once again. In total silence, in total bliss they leaned in for a kiss. BOOM! A loud gunshot went off, Sharkeisha was on the floor.
Levi couldn’t believe his eyes as her blood was dripping down his hands. Even with tears running down his face, he was still able to identify that Shane was on the roof. “SHARKEISHA!”  He yelled. He began to perform CPR but nothing seemed to work. He kept calling her name hoping she would wake up. She never did, when the ambulance claimed her dead his heart sank into his stomach. He couldn’t believe his best friend was gone… Forever.

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