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My Mission is Simple (Part 1)

May 17, 2012
By Flubiawesome SILVER, Evergreen, Colorado
Flubiawesome SILVER, Evergreen, Colorado
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My mission was simple: Run. Run far, far away. Why? Many reasons. Mostly because I was wanted. And everyone is looking for me, especially them. If I get caught then I fail and my life will most likely end. This is serious business. Something you wouldn’t expect a 16 year old girl to be doing. But don’t have a doubt in your mind about me. I am a coldblooded killer. FBI most wanted. Number one assassin.
The beating of my heart echoed in my head and blocked most of my senses, adrenaline soared though me. I jumped at every noise, thinking it was them. Although I would rather be anywhere, I had to be here. I was crouched in a creek in the middle of the forest and the break of dawn. It was cold, very cold. I didn’t breathe in case they could see my breath. Overcautious? You try doing this.
The thin jacket I was provided with didn’t protect me from the nipping wind and the ‘waterproof’ boots filled with water. I was miserable but didn’t dare move. I knew that they were hot on my trail and any sign that I’d been here would wreck the whole plan. No matter what I had to go through, this was my job. It’s what I want to do. It’s what I like to do.
As the sun started to rise I began to take notice of my surroundings. I ran throughout the night so I had no idea where I was. It doesn’t really matter anyway. Anywhere ‘away’ counts. I was actually on the border of a large field encased in barbed wire. That explains gashed and cuts that I gained last night. What I thought were trees turned out to be willows. Although I was hidden for the most part, it wasn’t enough. This field seemed like an endless prairie with no protection at all. If anyone walked by they would most definitely spot me.
I needed to move. The sun was ascending quickly and my chance was diminishing. I’d have to travel in the creek that way no sign of my footprints could be found. I slowly got up and finally let my breath out. But just as I stood up all the way something sprinted from the trees and started to alarm the whole place of my presence. Shut up! You’ll give me away! I thought angrily. Once the world had once again become silent, I began to slosh through the water. It was noisy but there was no sign that anyone was around.
About 15 minutes later I heard an unnatural noise. It sounded as if a gun was cocking. I froze in my tracks. I could feel my face begin to pale. I waited for the sound of a voice, the thump of steps, or even the whisper of breath. Nothing. I knew that they were tricky. If I turned around they would all be there, waiting for me to scream. When I got the guts to turn around I did so with my eyes closed. Nothing happened.
I opened my eyes slowly to find only the land I had passed. My body instantly relaxed. I let out a sigh of relief and turned back around. I turned my face and there stood something before me that I did not expect. I jumped and landed on my behind in the water. I was face to face with a hideous creature. I began to back up but bumped into something else. I heard a screech and the pounding of feet all around me.
The dim light spoiled my eye sight and all I could see was the occasional shadow moving and hair tossing. The creature obviously had friends and these friends had friends because I couldn’t escape their grasp. They poked and prodded me. Pranced around me tossing their hair while screeching bloody murder. I started to run out of the creek and into the grass. I could hear the creatures following me. I was positive that this was something that they sent after me.
Another screech and I clasped my hands over my ears. They seemed to be following me and they were fast. A whole herd of them surrounded me. My feet just keep moving forward. My eyes were closed as I ran. I trusted my senses to lead me away but no matter where I went, they followed. I was exhausted and even the adrenaline couldn’t help me.
Suddenly I tripped; my hands couldn’t break my fall because they were entangled in my hair from covering my ears. I landed smack dab on my nose. At first I was winded but as soon as I opened my eyes I found that I was sitting up with my hands covering my nose. A warm liquid ran down my arm. I removed my hands to find a pool of blood sitting in my palms. I’m not afraid of blood so the sight of this didn’t surprise me. I was also quite pain tolerant but the sensation of my finger touching my nose was just excruciating .
I carefully stood up and pinched the bridge of my nose, no matter how painful it was. I needed to stop the bleeding. The sun was even higher in the sky now and I could see everything clearly. Even the horses that surrounded me. The creatures that followed me here. The screeching, prancing, hideous creatures were horses. How could I have been so stupid?
“Hey take a look at this!” I heard a voice from far away. I spun around and saw two or three men dressed in nice suits examining the creek and willows where I just had been, “Horse tracks!”
“Not so loud,” I heard the other man scold. His voice was too familiar. I grimaced then remembered where I was. Without thinking I dashed behind a stocky dun horse and hid hoping they wouldn’t see that this horse and two extra legs. My heart started to beat even harder now and blood began gushing from my nose. I was in deep trouble now.
I don’t know what I was thinking. Now that I think about it I’m not sure if I was thinking at all. But the next thing I knew was that I was atop the dun horse galloping as fast as the horse could go across the field. I had no saddle and no bridle; I just held on for dear life and dug my heels into the horse’s side.
I wasn’t quite sure where I was by the time we slowed down. My brain started to become fuzzy from the blood loss and I fell off the horse onto the ground. I struggled to stand, but once I did I started jogging to the only object in this land. There was a small, what seemed like abandoned log cabin just a ways off. If I could just reach that I would be okay.
It took several tries to make it to the house but once I did get inside and closed the door and rush of relief over came my senses. My left hand was still clutching my nose while the other one clasped onto the door knob. I propped my head up against the door and let out a slight giggle. But it didn’t last long because I heard a familiar noise again. A gun cocking.
My eyes widened again. My heart beat faster and more blood poured from my nose. I was sure I was caught. They had got here before me and now I was going to die from a gunshot to the head. But I was surprised when I heard the voice. It was not a man’s voice but a boy’s voice. Not raspy and old, but crisp and clear.
“Who are you?” The voice said. I stumbled around to face him. He was tall and muscular with dusty blonde hair and blue eyes. His face was filled with both determination and shock. I must have looked like a zombie to him. Blood splattered on my face and stained on my clothes. He began to lower his shotgun when he realized that I was not older than him.
“Well?” He demanded. My knees began to tremble. My mouth opened but no words came out. My lips moved slowly but I don’t know if he caught what I was trying to tell him. I desperately needed help, and if he was going to do something he had better do it quick. The world was darkening, I was collapsing. The last thing I saw was the look on his face before blackening out in a pool of blood.

End of Part One…

The author's comments:
I'm not really sure what inspired me to write this. I really just wanted to depict the hardships in someones life in a unique way. Hope I keeps you interested so that you will want to read #2!!

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