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The Potato and the French Fry

December 18, 2011
By Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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McDonald's was an okay restaurant for a fast food place. Well that’s where Larry and Hairy met...
“Ouch!” said an almost burnt french fry.
“Hey! Larry! Would you stop stepping on me!” said another french fry.
“Sorry! Becoming too burnt!” Larry the french fry said.
Larry then quickly stepped outside the frying pan.
He looked around and then he looked up, moving backwards.

“Ahhh!” cried Larry as he stumbled over a spoon and fell out the drive through window.

“I really have to watch where I am going!” Larry said to himself.
He then got up and looked around. He was outside! “Oh no...” Larry said. “I really am in trouble now!” he said again.

He then started to walk over to the potato field...

“Ow!Ow!Ow! Stop pulling dude! Stop it right now!” said an overly large potato that was trying to be picked by a guy that worked for McDonald's.

Larry heard all the yelling so he decided
to find out where it came from. He then saw a man pulling out a huge potato, and then putting in a bucket.

“Help!!!” it screamed.

“I’m coming whoever you are!” cried Larry.

Larry then ran as fast as he could. Then he ran past the potato farm and toward a hose where the guy set down the bucket.

“Hey, are you in here still!” Larry yelled at the bucket that was looming over him.

“Yes! I am still here, and help me!” the potato said.

The potato then started to lean up against the side of the bucket. It then began to tip.

“Oh my gosh! Watch it!” yelled Larry as the huge bucket came toppling over with a huge thump!

“Sorry! I didn’t know that you were right there” said the fat potato.

“Who are you?” asked the potato still kind of standing in the bucket.

“I am Larry, What about you?” Larry asked the potato.

“I’m Hairy” he answered.

“How in the world did you get in here?!” asked Larry again as he stepped inside of the bucket.

“Oh, I was just out growing in the field when all of sudden that one man just yanked me out of my spot! I said stop a billion times, but he still didn’t hear me!” replied Harry.

“Um, Hairy, you do know that humans can’t hear you?! right?” asked Larry.

“Um... Yeah! Sure! Of course I do! What... would make... you think... that I didn’t... know that?!” lied Hairy, stumbling.

“Well-” Larry began... Then all of a sudden they were being lifted off the ground!

“Whoa! we’re flying!” shouted Hairy.

“No you idiot! We are being picked up by that one man!” exclaimed Larry.

“But how?” asked Hairy.

“How?! Because we are still in the bucket! You ding-dong! We never left the bucket!”

“Oh, I knew that! I was... just joking with you!” he lied quickly.

“Yeah! right!” Larry replied.

“I did! I just wanted to stay in the bucket...Um, because I wanted to stay in the bucket because it was shady in there!” he stated.

“Whatever! Well I guess this could be good, I mean, we might be going to the kitchen! That’s where I was born!” exclaimed Larry.

“What! the kitchen! NOOO! That’s where potatos get cut up and get turned into little weak things like you!” cried Hairy.

“Geez! thanks for the compliment!” Larry said sarcastically.

“You’re welcome!” said Hairy.

Shaking his head Larry said: “He is never going to learn” he said quietly to himself.

“I have to get out of here!” exclaimed Hairy, and then he jumped out of the bucket.

“Oh my gosh! Hairy! What in the world did you do that for!” screamed Larry.

“I can’t go in the kitchen! I just can’t! I don’t want to be cut up!” Hairy yelled back.

“It doesn’t hurt! Well maybe a little bit, but not that much!” yelled Larry as he too, jumped out of the bucket and landed flat on his face.

“Oof! So that’s what dirt tastes like! I don’t like it one bit!” Larry said to himself.

“Larry! You’re coming with me! You jumped out for me! Why in the world would you do that?!” Hairy said bewildered.

“Well I didn’t want to leave you, but if you want me to go I will.” Larry replied.

“No! Of course I want you to stay! It’s just no one has really cared about me before” Hairy said quietly.

“Well I care about you! Think of me not as a friend but as a brother!” said Larry confidently.

“There is no need to be afraid of beginning a new life! Now you get to have a new adventure! In the McDonald’s where they serve french fries like me in beautiful red boxes, and I am not going in the red box without you! So come on!” Larry stated, then grabbed Hairy’s hand and yanked him toward the huge door to McDonald’s. A woman then walked out and they hurried in before the door closed on them.

“We’re in! Now we just have to get in from behind that huge counter!” replied Larry.

They ran as fast as they could. Dodging feet. They then were at the huge red striped counter.

“We’re here, Now we just need to make it to the cutting station, then we get to go in the red box!” Larry said excitedly.

“Oh no! Can we go as slow as possible?” Hairy asked.

“What?! No way! I want to get there fast! Come on!” Larry yanked Hairy away.

They then hopped up on to a stool so they could get up to the counter that stretched all the way around the kitchen. They quickly hid behind a stack of knives. Then they ran all way to a flour pot.

“There is the cutting place: we only have to go past the sink, past the burger maker, and to the cutting place!” explained Larry. “Come on!” Larry said again.

Then they were off! When they got to the sink, they saw that there was no possible way to get around it so they had to swim in the sink water.

“Well, this is going to be just great! Now I will be all sopping wet!” cried Larry.

“Hey! I have an idea! we can hop over by leaping onto the pots and pans in the sink water!’ said Hairy.

“Wow! Hairy you truly are smart,” replied Larry.

“Really? Because you called me an idiot before!” said Hairy.

“Come now! Lets not ruin the moment with those sour memories!” replied Larry.

They then leaped onto a pot and then crossed the sink.They then came to a huge stove piled with burgers.

“Now how are we suppose to cross that!” exclaimed Hairy.

“We can use the same idea with the sink, we just have to climb burgers! Come on up we go!” Larry said as he heaved himself up.

He then grabbed Hairy’s hand and lifted him up onto the hot burger patty.

“I will go first” stated Larry.

Larry then leaped from one burger patty to the next not falling at all onto the burning stove. Larry then landed on the other side of the stove.

“Come on Hairy! We don’t have all day!” said Larry.

Carefully, Hairy leaped from one patty to the next. Then all of a sudden Hairy started to slip!

“Oh no! Larry! I am slipping!” He never really had to save anyone before. He was the one who usually needed saving!

“Think Larry! Think!” he said to himself.

“HELP!!! HELLO!!! Someone almost falling to their death here!” cried Hairy.

“Ah Ha! I have an idea!” said Larry.

Larry then grabbed a spoon that was sitting in the corner of the counter. He lifted it up heaving, then ran over to the stove and pulled the spoon towards Hairy.

“Grab on!” shouted Larry.

Hairy latched on and Larry lifted him over to the counter.

“Oh my gosh! Larry that was impressive! Who new a skinny, weak french fry like you could lift a strong heavy potato like me?!” exclaimed Hairy.

“Why thank you for that compliment!” Larry said sarcastically.

“You’re welcome!” replied Hairy.

Shaking his head, Larry led the way to the cutting station...

“Nooo! We’re here!” cried Hairy.

“It is going to be fine Hairy. All you have to do is stand there and it will be over in a flash! Then you can join me in the grand red box! Please, Hairy, do this for me, otherwise we will never see each other again” Larry said sadly.

“Okay, I will do it, but the box better be pretty grand!” Hairy said.

“Then a McDonald’s person picked up Larry and put him with the other french fries.

“Well! This potato is really dirty! Lets scrub it up shall we?!” said the worker.

He then took Hairy to the sink and started to scrub really hard.

“Ouch!” said Hairy.

After the worker was done scrubbing him viciously he set him on the counter.

“Here it comes! Just relax! You will be happy with Larry soon.” Hairy said to himself.

Then the worker guy pulled out an apple cutter...SLICE!!! It was done... Hairy now was a french fry.

After they sliced him, they fried him and his other parts...

He now had little kids! He had to tell Larry!

He was then put inside the same container that Larry was placed in.

“Larry!” shouted Hairy.

“Hairy! I’m right behind you!” cried Larry.

Then they hugged each other for a long time.

“Kids, meet Uncle Larry!” exclaimed Hairy.

“Uncle?!” shouted Larry.

“What do you mean uncle!” yelled Larry again.

“Oh yeah... when they cut me they made little pieces that came to life! There are six of them, their names are: Hairett, Hairetta,Haira, Hairy Junior, Hairy the second, and last
but least... Larry the second!” exclaimed Hairy.
Larry then looked down at the smallest french fry in the world.
“Thanks buddy!” said Larry.
The family of french fries then went into their big grand red container... And they lived happily ever after...

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on Apr. 15 2012 at 3:34 pm
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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Thanks sooo much! :D I'm glad someone has FINALLY commented on it and read it!!! Thanks again! :)(:

on Apr. 12 2012 at 10:44 am
Allicat001 SILVER, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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This was really creative and amusing! Loved it! :D