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Nighstalker Chapters: 5, 6, and 7

December 17, 2011
By Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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Chapter Five: Finding A Way In

He walked over to the door, and peered threw the window. Kaylee and her dad were walking up the long stairs to the next floor.

Jadyn tried the door, it opened. Jadyn stepped in and took a look around to see if anyone was on the first floor.

He saw know one, he continued up the steps. As he started to get closer to the top, he heard hushed voices, that were harsh sounding.

“We have to find him! He couldn't have just disappeared!” Kaylee’s dad banged his fist on a wooden desk.

“Actually he can dad, hes Nightstalker!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“Well have you found any one suspicious?” he asked Kaylee.

“I guess. . . There’s this one guy. . . named Jadyn Parker. . . he acts different” Kaylee said slowly.

“Just because he acts different doesn’t me hes Nightstalker!” her dad cried exasperated.

“No! He seems suspicious. He tries to stick to the shadows you know? he doesn’t like being noticed. He is the best athlete in the class, he has top grades too. He could be a suspect!” Kaylee crossed her arms.

“Fine! If you think this Jadyn could be our guy, try to find stuff out about him! Get to know him! Get close to him! Just find something out about him OK?!” Kaylee’s dad said with hast, then he shuffled Kaylee out of the room and slammed the door.

Jadyn hid in a closet.

“Stupid dad. Now I have to go all the way back to school!” Kaylee grumbled.

Jadyn breathed out hard. He covered his mouth.

Kaylee turned to stare at the closet. It looked like she was staring right at Jadyn.

She began to walk towards the closet. Jadyn went as far back into the closet as possible.

“Oh crap!” Jadyn said under his breath.

Kaylee grabbed the handle of the door. Jadyn reached into his pocket and pulled out his mask, and put it on. He got ready to jump out and make a run for it.

He put his hood on from his black jacket, so it would cover his face more.

Kaylee opened the door, and Jadyn leaped out. Shoving her out of the way, and she slammed into a door.

“DAD!” Kaylee screamed. “NIGHTSTALKER!” she screamed again.

Kaylee’s dad, Nolan riped open the door to see Jadyn running down the stairs. His eyes widened.

“Guards!” he yelled. At least ten armed guards came bursting in the front door.

Jadyn froze and turned around. Kaylee was staring at him in shock. Nolan was glaring at him.

The lead guard, with dark brown hair, and icy blue eyes, was smirking at him.

“Looks like we caught him finally” the leader said laughing.

“Just get him Nick!” Kaylee cried.

Nick, who seemed to be the lead guard step forward toward Jadyn.

Jadyn grabbed the guard by the hand, and threw him to the left.

The other guards began to shoot at him.

Jadyn used his alien powers, and created a barrier between them.

The guards stopped. “Whoa! Hes some freak!” one of the guards exclaimed.

Jadyn grabbed the guards hand and broke it in a swift move.The guard went down on his knee screaming.

As Jadyn began to take out the next guard. Nick got up and raised the gun at Jadyn’s right side, and shot. It hit Jadyn.

Jadyn clutched his side and doubled over in pain.

“NO!” Kaylee screamed out. “Don’t shoot him!” she screamed again.

Jadyn went down on his knees and cried out in pain. It raced through him like a wild fire.

Kaylee raced down the stairs, and went between Nick and Jadyn.

Nolan went down with Kaylee. “Don’t shoot him. He could be useful” Nolan said raising a hand.

“Nick! Call Doctor Richard. We need to get Nighstalker here fixed up!” Nolan ordered.

“No” Jadyn moaned. He got up and tried to make a dash for the door, but two guards caught him by the arms and dragged him back to the middle of the room. Jadyn collapsed to the floor.

When Jadyn awoke, he was in a pure white room, on hard cold metal bed. A counter was over to the left, and a chair was next to it.

Then a man, in a white lab coat walked in followed by Nolan, and Kaylee. The lead guard Nick, stood outside the door.

“Hes awake, and I removed the bullet, and bandaged the wound. He will be a little sore though for quite some time” Doctor Richard said, looking expectantly at Jadyn.

“And hes going to be OK?” Kaylee asked glance at the doctor.

“Yes, yes he will be fine” he told her, still staring at Jadyn.

Jadyn knew doctor Richards. In fact Richard was Jadyn’s annual check-up doctor. Jadyn knew that Richard may get suspicious of him. The Doctor was already staring at him.

Jadyn sat up and swung his legs over, so they were almost touching the tile floor.

“Are you OK?” Kaylee peered at me.

“Maybe. . .” I coughed out, I clutched the metal bed, and coughed hard. Kaylee took a step toward me, but I raised my hand and she stopped.

I slid off the bed and stood up. “Wheres the door” I asked.

Nolan laughed, “You really think were going to just let you go?”. “I don’t think so!” Nolan laughed harder.

Jadyn balled up his fists and stepped toward Nolan. Nick aimed at him.

“Now you really don’t want another bullet in your side do you?” Nick asked locking the gun.

Jadyn stepped back. “What do you want with me?” I asked.

“Study you. You are amazing! I saw what you did to protect yourself from getting shot a million times! I’m not stupid! I know alien when I see one!” Nolan cried.

“Well you actually might be stupid” Jadyn told him smiling at him. Jadyn shook his head.

He looked at confused, then he looked mad. “What do you mean?!” he asked glaring at Jadyn.

“Oh! My friend, you have left me with one escape route. A window” Jadyn’s eyes sparkled, and he jumped threw the window smashing the glass.

He landed on his feet, down a twenty feet jump like a cat. He looked up and waved. He ran for the hills.

“Get him! Don’t let him escape again!” Nolan screamed at Nick.

Nick shot out of the room after Jadyn.

Chapter Six: Wounded

Jadyn ran to his house, not stopping once. He kept going even when the pain was to much. He kept going, not looking back once.

Jadyn stumbled into his house, crashing down on the floor.

Melonie ran in and almost screamed. “JADYN!” she yelled. “Oh! Your hurt! Come here!” she lifted Jadyn up and carried him to his room, letting him lie on his bed breathing deeply.

“I’m fine. . . just a little accident” he breathed out hard.

“A little accident! Jadyn your bleeding!” Melonie cried, getting a bowel of water and washing his wound.

Jadyn groaned and clutched his bed side.

“Shh, it’s OK Jadyn, everything is going to be fine” Melonie soothed Jadyn.

She redid the bandages, and let him sleep for awhile. Checking on him every hour.

Melonie sat downstairs thinking about the poor boy. Then the door bell rang.

Melonie got up and went to see who it was. She pulled open the door and it revealed a man in a red suit, a man in a lab coat, a girl with the most brilliant green eyes, and a icy blue eyed boy with a gun.

Melonie heard Jadyn’s groans and glanced upstairs.

“May I help you?” Melonie asked in a hurry.

“Were looking for the deadly criminal Nightstalker. He is the property of the government now. Do you know where he is?” the man in the red suit asked.

Melonie looked at the man and crossed her arms. “Why do you want him?” she asked him.

“That, is not any of your business” he told her, looking her straight in the eye.

Jadyn groaned again.

“What is all that groaning?” the girl, about Jadyn’s asked looking up the stairs.

“Nothing” Melonie said quickly.

The girl glanced at her suspiciously.

“Well were just going to have to find out aren’t we?” the red suit man said, pushing past Melonie and going up the stairs.

“You have no right!” Melonie raged. “Get out of my house!” Melonie shouted.

“Were the government, and we have warrants. We have every right” the red suited man said.

“Melonie! Whats going on!” Jadyn called from up stairs.

The girls eyes widened.

Jadyn then appeared at the top of the steps, staring at the girl, eyes wide. Clutching his side.

“Kaylee? What the heck are you doing here?” Jadyn asked, still staring at her.

“What are you doing here?!” Kaylee countered back, glance at him clutching his stomach.

“I live here” he answered with his eyebrows raised.

“Oh” was Kaylee’s reply. “Why are you clutching your side?” she asked putting her hands on her hips.

Jadyn chewed his lip nervously, glancing at Melonie, who was staring at him worriedly.

“Ah. . . I. . .” he began.

Everyone was now staring at him. Jadyn twitched nervously.

Don’t blow your cover! his thoughts cried.

“I. . .” he started again.

“Jadyn? Do you have something to say?” Kaylee asked again, narrowing her eyes.

“No. . . I got. . . beat up” he lied.

Kaylee knew he was lying.

Chapter Seven: Revealed

“Your lying!” Kaylee cried, advancing up the stairs.

Jadyn backed up the steps. He was cornered.

“Your shot. Which means your Nightstalker!” Kaylee smiled evilly.

She saw the gun whole on his side. Everyone gasped.

Doctor Richard stared at Jadyn. “Jadyn?”.

Jadyn’s eyes was filled with dread. He looked around frantically. He flung himself over the railing of the stairs.

Melonie shrieked, and everyone was yelling. Jadyn landed on his feet once again.

“You are Nightstalker!” Kaylee gasped.

Jadyn turned around. “Are you happy! You finally found out who Nightstalker is! Thanks for ruining my life” Jadyn turned around in disgust. “I can’t believe hes your father!” Jadyn walked out the door.

Kaylee stood there stunned.

Jadyn walked to the city, threw the grimy alley. He thought how his cover was now blown. He was caught red handed. Now he will never have a normal life. He will have to be on the run all the time. He hated those thoughts. He hated Kaylee more. . .

He kicked a stone. He picked it up, and threw it down the road. He yelled out in anger and threw another rock. He blasted a trash can lid right off the trash can, with his powers. He grabbed his head and kicked the dirt, like he was having a breakdown.

He needed to get out of here. . .

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