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By Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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My light purple eyes locked onto the gold spheres that were glaring at me furiously.

Lightning! I thought. What is she doing here!

“Well, I didn’t know you would be here. . . Thunder!” said Lightning whipping her long blond hair over her shoulder getting her bangs in her striking gold eyes.

“OK Lighting! Stop following me! First you were at the restaurant that I was at then, the mall, and now the park! Your stalking me!” I cried.

“I’m not stalking you! I just like going to the same places that you like to go!” defended Lightning, striking me with a flashy gold glare.

“Well! What a coincidence that you show up at the places I go at the exact same time when I go there!” I yelled at her, my light purple eyes blazing like crazy.

“Well. . . Um. . .OK! Fine! I was spying on you!” Lightning burst-ed out.

I stared at her. “Why!” I demanded.

“Because I wanted to know if you were planning something! Something to get rid of me!” Lightning shot back, her eyes now on fire.

Out of the sudden mist of fog that blew in a lighting bolt shot out at me missing me by centimeters

“You almost hit me!” I shrieked at Lightning.

“To bad I didn’t get to fry you when I had the chance!”

Chapter one: Thunders Story

I walked into school my dark hair everywhere and my bangs in my blue eyes. I carefully straightened my hair and walked over to my locker.

“Hi Thunder! what’s up?” my best friend Stella asked.

Stella, was a beautiful red-head. She had beautiful red hair that flowed down to her shoulders. Her hair was curly and shined when ever it got hit with light. She had beautiful brown eyes that looked like chocolate. She was very skinny, but was very strong as well.

As for me, I had long dark brown hair, that was straight. I had bangs that were zig-zagged across and I had beautiful dark blue eye.

I was considered very beautiful, but nothing could compare to Lightning Falker. She had long blond hair just like mine. Eccept that it was blond. She had bangs just like mine. Though she had extraordinary beautiful liquid gold eyes. Everyone was amazed by her eyes. It was something that she tended to show off a lot. She liked having the attention on her, nobody else.

There was also another thing why I hated her so much. She always gets on my nerves! She gets what she wants all the time! Even with the teachers! It’s also just an instinct of mine. She just seems like a bad person to be friends with. Like something is not right with her. I tended to find out. . .

Chapter two: Lightning Story

I, am usually the one to stand out. I was beautiful, popular, rich, and powerful, and not in the politics kind-of power. . .
The only one person that ticked me off, was Thunder Stats. She was pretty, but not as pretty as herself. She wasn’t rich, she was in the middle. She wasn’t that popular, but she had friends. She was just, in the middle. And I new she could be better. That’s what ticks me off. She doesn’t try hard! And something else, something I couldn't put my finger on, but wanted to find out. And I would.

I walked over to Thunder and leaned against the locker next to hers.

“Hi” I said with a fake smile.

“What to you want?” asked Thunder, glowering at me.

“I’m just saying hi! Gosh! Don’t need to glower!” I said putting my hands up.

“Um, why don’t you go! We don’t buy your act! save it for later!” a girl with beautiful red hair defended Thunder.

“You must be Stella! I forgot about you! Sorry! You just really don’t stand out that much!” I said grinning evilly.

Stella stared at me. She knew, that I knew, that she hated being not noticed. That’s why I said it. The thing that Stella couldn’t stand, was not being noticed. And it really made Stella super angry, when people told her that.

Stella lunged at me. Luckily, she was pretty clumsy and I was able to doge it with a swift step to the left. I also received pure delight and triumphant when I looked down to see Stella on her face, on the floor.

Thunder rushed over, while I was laughing my heart out with my friends when Thunder helped Stella up.

“Are you OK? Did you hurt yourself?” asked Thunder worried, giving me an evil eye. I smirked again.

“Yes, are you OK? Do you need me to call your mommy?” I asked laughing my head off.

“Why don’t you shut up you dirtbag! You don’t care for anyone but yourself! Everyone should hate you! But guess what? They are just blinded with there want to be accepted! If people actually knew who you really were, you, would be friendless! You better enjoy what you have know Lightning! because, this is all coming back to you!” said Thunder staring at me for a couple of seconds then storming off with Stella.

This was it, we were now officially enemies. There’s going to be a big storm bruing, with a lot of thunder and lightning!

Chapter three: Late!

When I finally got out of the nurses office, that Stella made me stay in for the whole entire check up I finally got to my first class, science.
“Well! I’m glad you could join us!” said my science teacher Mrs. Baren.
Mrs. Baren was tall and slender. She had thick libs that stuck out and long brown hair. She wore brown rectangle glasses that always slipped from her slanted pointy nose. In other words Mrs. Baren was not the most prettiest flower.
“Sorry! I was helping out in the nurses office!” I stuttered out the excuse.
“ Please take a seat and we can get started!” started Mrs. Baren.
I sat down in the first row, front seat and got out my science homework.
I turned around. . . to see lightning. . . glaring at me wickedly. I turned back around and sunk low into my seat.

This was going to be a long science class!

Chapter four: Revealed

“OK everyone! We will now get into groups and get the first weeks observations for our plants!: instructed Mrs. Baren.
I groaned. That meant that I was going to have to talk with Lightning. She was in my group.
I got up and went to my group. Me and Lightning were the only ones in our group present. Wow! I just got really lucky!
“OK, what observations did you get for this week?” I asked looking Lightning straight in her gold eyes.
“Nothing. It hasn’t grown this week” said Lightning lazily.
“You have got to be kidding me! It like growed two inches this week! Look at it!” I said in disbelief, holding the growing plant up in Lightning’s face.
“You didn’t even come in and do the observations! Your so lazy!” I said getting really mad all of a sudden.
“Did you just call me lazy?! At least I’m not a coward! I stand up for things! Your just a scaredy-cat!” said Lightning furiously.
I stared at her, on the verge of tears. She was right, I was a coward. A pathetic person. I couldn’t do anything.
And just like that, the tears started flowing. Suddenly a translucent eye contacts fell out of my eyes, revealing glowing light purple eyes.
And guess who saw them. . . Lightning.

Chapter five: Followed

Lightning just stared at me. And on her face was a puzzled look.

I couldn’t take it. . . I ran.

I bursted out of the room and ran straight for the girl bathroom, tears streaming down my face. That could not have just happened! Impossible! I put them in so they wouldn’t come out! Now she will know! She will make fun of me!

I put my hands on the bathrooms sink breathing in and out. I was doomed.

The door started to open and a girl came in. . . Lightning. Why was she here? To Make fun of me? To ask me ask questions, as to why my eyes are purple?

“Hi” she said looking me directly in the eye.

I didn’t answer, just turned away.

“What do you want?” I said finally turning back to her glaring at her, my purple eyes glowing furiously I saw her shrink a way a bit. “Are you here to make fun of me? Or just here to ask questions?” I asked her still glaring at her evilly.

“ To ask questions” replied Lightning softly.

“What then?” I asked sharply.

“How are your eyes like that? How did you get them?” Lightning asked still staring intently at me.

“I was born with them” I answered her question.

“It’s kind-of weird don’t you think?” started Lightning.

“whats weird?” I asked.

“That I have golden eyes, and you have purple” she continued. “Maybe something is going on. I don’t know what, but something important. Something that will change our lives” concluded Lightning.

“What are you saying? That were like long lost sisters?! I don’t think so. We were just born with weird colors for eyes” I tried to convince her.
“So your saying, that two girls, that live in the same place, go to the same school, and have two very different abnormal eye colors, is normal?” Lightning said staring at me in disbelief.
“Um. . . yes?” I said meekly.
“I don’t think so” said Lightning with a weird gleam in her eyes, making her gold eyes even more exquisite and scary at the same time. “And maybe, this has something to do with our names! I mean come on? Thunder and Lightning? It makes sense! Maybe you can control thunder and I can control Lightning!” concluded Lightning.
I just stared at her.
“Are you insane!”

Chapter six: Thunder and Lightning

Me and Thunder had gone all through the Internet to fine some answers, but still came up with nothing. We were now headed of to the public library.
“Really Lightning! You had to drag me a long on this! It’s so stupid! I doesn’t make sense!” Thunder yelled as we pulled up into a parking space to the library.
“It makes a lot of sense!” I stated and climbed out of the car.
Thunder groaned as she got out of the car.
“Oh stop being such a baby!” I retorted.
“Let’s just get a long for once in our lives!” I said exasperated.
“What ever!” replied Thunder and we headed towards the quaint looking library.
“It has to be here somewhere!” I cried, looking through all the shelves frantically.
We had been at the library for about an hour and we still had know luck finding the one book that was in this library that could help us.
“Oh my gosh! I think I found it!” yelped Thunder excitedly.
“You found it!” I said running over to her and ripping the book out of her hands.
I opened it. . . It read in big caps and bold letters:


Author: Unknown

The story of Thunder and Lightning, begins in the late 1800’s when the first world war started to end.

Thunder and Lightning, are to very different things, One makes a booming noise the other, executes a bolt of lighting.

At the end of the first world war, mother nature was very unhappy. We had killed many of her children (humans) and animals as well. We had polluted our battlegrounds, and had gone into a worthless battle only to loose the people we hold dear. In my opinion, no one won. Everyone lost. They lost land, animals, supplies, and most importantly people.

This, would not go unpunished.

In 1933, the Great Depression started, as well as mother natures punishment.

Mother nature, sent out Thunder and Lightning storms through out the great depression causing even a bigger ruckus.
Thunder, the more sly element, liked to sneak up on people and make a huge booming noise toppling trees and buildings.

Lightning, was the more quick element,Lightning liked to scare people by lighting a tree on fire from a lightning bolt or shock someone near another person to scare him or her.

Thunder and Lightning, were both very cunning to. They even made many people believe that this was going to be the end of the world if the people didn’t worship and obey Thunder and Lightning.

Lightning, took the advantage of this, pretending to be goddesses. Soon Thunder joined in to. They possessed bodies and began to rule the people.

This soon grew out of hand. Thunder and Lightning, were spending to much time in there human possessed bodies. One day,Thunder was going to deliver a message to mother nature saying Lightning and herself were doing fine and everything was going great. But in order to do this, she would need to turn back into the element, thunder. She wasn’t able to. Thunder rushed to Lightning telling her the horrible news. They were now stuck in these humans body, not able to return to mother nature.

Even today Thunder and Lighting still live in a human bodies today. When ever that possessed body dies, the elements Thunder and Lighting, move to another body, drifting from body to body. . . forever, until the elements find a way to get a message to mother nature. Some even say, the humans that is possessed by the elements, can actually awaken the elements inside them and use them for their proposes. . .

Chapter seven: The shocking truth

I stared at the book in my world full of questions. I was possessed by the element thunder? How? that’s not possible!
“OK, that was. . . interesting” said Lightning lightly.
Kept on staring at the book. Then finally I looked up at her. “Do you really believe this?” I asked her looking at her like some kind of freak.
“Yeah, yeah I do. I mean, it makes sense! Were named Thunder and Lightning! That’s a clue thrown right in font of our faces! We both have weird eye colors!Yours is purple and mine is gold! It’s possible that we are those girls that got possessed!” concluded Lighnting.
“SHHHH! Someone will hear you! They’ll think your crazy! Like me!” I said covering her mouth with my hand.
“Hey, whats this?” asked Lightning who was now at the back of the book looking at some messy hand writing.
I looked closely. “it’s address!” I exclaimed.
“To the author?” Lightning asked me.
“Probably” I replied still looking at it. “1408 at Stormwood Drive” I read the address out loud.
“He sure wrote it in tiny letters!” exclaimed Lightning.
“Probably so that the right person would fined it instead of the wrong person” I replied.
“Well! Let’s go!” cried Lightning practically jumping out of her seat.
“WHAT?!” I stared at her in disbelief. “You want us, to go to a strangers house?!” I asked in awe.
“YES!” shouted Lightning. She then grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet dragging me to her car.

Chapter eight: Finding 1408 Stormwood Drive

We drove for about thirty minutes, until we found Stormwood drive and started looking for the address 1408.
“Hey, was there any thing else in the book? like a description of the place?” Thunder asked.
“Let me check” I said open to the back of the book.
It read:

“No, just a picture of thunder and lightning, then the address” I replied
“Hmmm. WAIT! STOP THE CAR!” yelled Thunder.
“WHAT!” I yelled at her.
“I saw it! I saw the house! It was one house down! Back up!” screeched Thunder.
I turned the truck around, making a u-turn and stopping in front of a red, ugly house.
“EW! who designed this house! I would give them an F!” I cried turning away from the house.
“Oh just come on! Let’s go!” Thunder urged pushing me out the car door.

Chapter nine: Meeting the author

Once we were out of the car and on to the porch, we rung the door bell.
“Hello?” asked a skimpy man. He was waring a plain white t-shirt and plain grey pants.
“Um. . .hi. I’m Lightning, and this is Thunder. We were wondering, are you the author of this book?” I asked giving him the old red book.
“Yes, yes I am the author. Wait. . . did you say your names were Thunder and Lightning?” asked the man.
“Yeah” Thunder replied for me.
“Come in please” the man ushered us in.
Right when we walked in, we were over come by the sent of a strong men’s deodorant. His house was pretty small and was a one story house. There was a office to the left with a bunch of dirty socks,bowls, and opened books, spread all about the house.
To my right, was a living-room with two sofas and one love seat. In the far left corner was a TV.

In the very back of the house was a small kitchen with a black and white stove, a white refrigerator, A small marble counter top, and a tiny wooden table in the center that could seat three people.

“Please sit” motioned the man to the living-room.

I sat on one of the sofas kicking my feet up on the soft fabric. Thunder took the love seat.

“So, you have read my book, Thunder and Lightning eh?” asked the man.

“Yeah, but before we get into all this, what is your name?” Thunder asked.

“Carl, just call me Carl. My last name will not be revealed” said Carl strictly.

“OK, Carl, We, think that we are possessed by the elements Thunder and Lightning” I confirmed.

“Well, this is the first time ever since someone has actually figured out that they were possessed” said Carl curiously. “How did you find out?” he asked us.

I then began the story of how Thunder’s translucent eye contact fell out revealing her purple eyes. Then I explained that I followed Thunder after she ran into the bathroom. Then finally I told him how we found his book in the library and came to the conclusion that we were the two girls that were possessed by the elements.

“Ah, that was a very interesting story, have you ever used your powers?” Carl asked.

“No, Now, I have a question for you, how do we get these things out of or bodies!” cried Thunder.

“Calm down, all you have to do is get a message to Mother Nature” replied Carl.

“But that’s impossible! We can’t change back into the elements!” said Thunder.

“Well, it might be different since you guys were the first pair to actually figure out that you were possessed. So, you might actually have a chance” stated Car.

“But” continued Carl.

“But, what?!” I said getting paranoid.

“Only one of your elements gets to change” said Carl. “The other has to be stuck with the element” he concluded.

We turned to each other. Thinking the same thing. . . “ME!”

Chapter ten: The Storm is coming!

“I just want to be normal! Lightning you always wanted to stick out!” I tried to convince her to let me change and deliver the message.

“Well not like this! What if a police officer is right by where I am and I accidentally shoot a lightning bolt! He’ll send the government! They would experiment on me!” cried Lightning.

“Well, you guys must fight for this then. Since you haven't come to a conclusion” said Carl.

“WHAT?!” we both cried at the same time.

“Fight! You have got to be kidding me! I hardly know how to punch someone, much less fight!” I cried.

“Well then, this is going to be easy winning” stated Lightning smiling.

“Hey Lightning, remember when I told you that all the bad things you have been doing will come back to you?” I asked with a fake sweet smile.

“Yeah, what about it?” Lightning asked looking at her nails.

“Well, that starts now!” I yelled at her glaring at her one last time and then storming out of the house.

I ran as fast as I could home, since I knew that Lightning probably wouldn’t give me a ride home.

Once I got home I threw my purse on a red couch to the left. My house was a two story building.
To the left was a medium sized living room with two big couches and a plasma screen TV.
Right in front of me was a huge staircase. It led to my room and to my dads room.
To the left was my personal small library that my dad got me for my first birthday and have been using ever since my mom suddenly disappeared.
I never had a mom, she disappeared when I was one. Leaving my dad to take care of me.
In the back of the house was a medium sized kitchen. There was a small was a small refrigerator. A small white counter top with a toaster on it.
I ran up the stairs bursting into my small room. It had sparkling purple walls that looked like waves.
In the right corner was a small white desk. To my left was a bed that was totally purple.
Right smack in the center was a deep purple rug.
Yeah, you could say I was crazy about purple.
I flung myself on the bed and heaved into the small purple pillow.
“Why! Why did thunder have to pick me!” I cried into the pillow. I then cried myself to sleep . . .

Chapter eleven: Sparks Flying

Lightning Paced around the room. This needed to end now! Lightning cried in her thoughts. One way another, Lightning was going to win. She was going to make sure of that.
“In fact! Let’s start now!” Lightning said viciously to herself, climbing out of her window of her bedroom, and heading over to Thunders house.

The light in Thunders bedroom was on, and glowing an iridescent purple. She climbed, and put her chin on the ledge and thought: Lightning!
It sizzled and crackled until finally a glowing light shot from the sky and plummeted down towards Thunders room, filling the room with electricity making every hair on Lightning body stand up.
Thunder shot up, sending a avalanche of booms and mini earthquakes at Lightning making her stumble across the street and toward a small park.
“You almost hit me you jerk!” Thunder shrieked.
“To bad I didn’t get to fry you when I had the chance!” Lightning flashed me a striking glare a prepared for battle that was yet to come. . .

End Of First Book. . .

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I read some of it. It's really good, I can't wait to read more.

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