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Files from the Black Lab #13 Intro (New)

May 25, 2011
By jayce BRONZE, N/a, Arkansas
jayce BRONZE, N/a, Arkansas
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Mark Hanson walked along the hallways of what used to be his school. Burnt remains of books and human flesh remained strewn along the brick lining of his old classroom. Dried blood made a reddish-brown down the severed concrete. A small breeze brought the smell of death to his nose.
He entered his old class room. Half the room was missing, including the ceiling and the old book shelf. Mangled corpses, burnt beyond recognition, were scattered all over the room in different poses. Smoke was just clearing out of the room making everything noticeable. He ran his fingers along the still searing marker board. His fingers slightly melted onto the board as he cried out in pain.
Fresh blood ran in a little trickle down the cooling white board. From the corner of his eye he caught sight of something standing in the doorway. Mark turned to face the doorway as this gruesome image formed before his eyes. Standing in the door was a girl burnt beyond belief. Torn pieces of her dress blew around on her thin body. The patches of hair remaining on her scalp blew ever so slightly. Half her face was a bloody mess while the other half was cut in diverse places.
A purple bruise rested under her tattered eye. A large gash was popping out of her lip exposing raw flesh and blood. She looked like a half skeleton-human mix just standing in the door way. This creature lifted her right hand and pointed past him. Mark turned around and saw an army of at least a thousand heading straight for the school. There was a giant military tank, a few flamethrowers, and much more, but most of them had machine guns ready to fire.
A shadowed man raised his arms and the militia raised their weapons. The first bullet hit five feet away from Mark as he turned and ran towards the doorway. He got out to the hall and saw the skeletal figure running up towards the exit. Another bullet nearly struck him as he ran off towards her. The crunching sound of gravel from the tank started to get louder as it got closer.
All of a sudden a sharp pain ran up his back and he fell to the ground. Blood started to pool around him as his vision began to fade in and out. The girl had completely disappeared but a dark man had taken her place over him. A gun was protruding from his hand pointed straight for his face. The man pulled the trigger and Mark woke up.

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