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The Chronicles of X PART 3 (Finale)

February 24, 2011
By Firebringer17 GOLD, Mayfield HTS, Ohio
Firebringer17 GOLD, Mayfield HTS, Ohio
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X came into view and started storming forward to the steps of city hall as the androids were looking at him with their arms crossed.
“Ah,” Mark said, “The man of the hour.” X kept walking, forward, “Hey,” Mark said pulling out a laser gun, but X kicked the gun out of his hands and grabbed it in the air. He shot Mark seven times in the chest while kicking over John. Then turning to John, he took the laser gun and penetrated the android’s chest, leaving the weapon inside. X stomped on the chest and withdrew as John began to shake uncontrollably and eventually explode.
“Why haven’t I done that before?” X asked himself. He shrugged and proceeded into the city hall mansion while stepping over the piles of charred faux android skin and scrap metal. He took John’s gun and held it in his other hand and walked up the steps for his damsel. The intruder walked into the hall, as a robotic receptionist was attached to the desk.
“Welcome to the New Atlantis city hall.” It said in an obnoxious voice. “Please state your business.”
“I’m here for Mr. Big…” X said calmly.
“Do you have an appointment?”
“Just this.” X tossed a small purple beeping orb on the desk, flashing a blue light.
“I’m sorry, that is an invalid—” The orb exploded and took away the wall of the lobby, revealing hundreds of Mr. Big’s henchmen stopping their gambling and drinking in the bar of city hall. The muscularly built men took out their laser guns and swinging electric whips that crackled in anticipation for the hero’s first move. X flipped up and fired lasers off at them, the men fell easily, but his guns soon ran out of power, so he resorted to flipping and punching men twice his size and dodging the electric whips in a fraction of a second so that they’d whip back and hit themselves. A large, tall man stood behind him, he and three other men surrounded him with laser guns and electric whips. The large man held X tight as he tried to struggle. The three men aimed for the thief and cocked their arms back to finally end this nuisance in their city. He threw his head back and hit the large man’s nose. The man dropped X immediately in reflex to hold his nose as the three men all unintentionally hit their large ally with everything they had. The muscular man fell backwards as the three men turned to the unarmed intruder.
X smiled and took out a white stick. The men laughed and walked forward as the large man X thought he stopped got back up. But undaunted by the men’s laughter, the confidant thief pointed the stick at them and tightened his grip, the stick then began to grow out into a bow, with blue lights flashing on it and a blue orb forming at the peak of the bow, crackling with plasma. A line of blue light reached from the tip of the bow to the other side to make a string for a typical bow to launch death with ease. The men stepped back, unsure of the device’s function or their fate with the man.
He smiled, put his index finger on the back of the peak and pressed the back of the bow below the orb and the string of light began to intensify then launch threw the orb, magnified only for a second in the orb and then shot out to the men as an actual lightning bolt from the heavens. The spot where the men stood was reduced to ash and scorch marks, his weapon proved quite useful in these cases. X looked around and saw the elevator out of service, looked to the stairs and kicked the limp bodies out of the way to get to the upper level, no doubt more incompetent men were waiting for him. Higher and higher he fought with his trusty bow of heavenly might until he reached the top level room. In a large room, with only a classical antique chair from the nineteenth century and a fire place were set at the opposite side of the room, Mr. Big sat quietly and patiently waiting for him. He wore his best suit for this occasion; he always loved to win and liked to dress for the occasion. X busted down the door, cut, bruised, bloody and the bow in his right hand.
“Let me tell you a story Philippe, may I call you Philippe? It’s about a little old country in the western hemisphere called America. America was the biggest, strongest, richest country in the world, where everyone had an equal opportunity to be a success, except for the natives of course. This nation, it thrived on capitalism, it craved to be the richest, and the richest craved to be richer, making it harder and harder for minorities and poor people to rise up. I would have been king in that time. And there were kings in that time. The men who had the money had power over the country, where they rivaled the politicians of their land for control changed the way everyone lived just buying out scientists and politicians to lie. But then people like you, pansies that fought for equality of people and made communism work on a regional scale killed that nation. You are a tumor, a lone, cancerous tumor that plagues my city where I am in control and I have all the money! And you defile my city with your acts of servitude for the people, but you’ll never defeat poverty. Why on Earth do you even try?
“You have ten seconds to tell me where she is or you’re head is coming off.” He demanded aiming at the political mobster.
“You don’t know who you’re dealing with are you, boy?”
“I’m going to kill you in this room.” X said. Mr. Big laughed and got up from his chair. He walked to X and ripped off his suit. His big, molded flabby body was something to be undesired. X aimed and shot a bolt at him. Mr. Big held out his hand and blocked the attack without a single flinch. He grinned at X and then flexed his body. Every roll on his misshapen body tensed and formed into a rock solid mound of pure muscle, his neck became thicker than an oak tree and his size multiplied to three times his regular shape, ripping off his upper portion of his three-piece suit. After his transformation his torso resembled that of a bull’s, not an ounce of fat was seen on his pale, rock-solid body.
Mr. Big grabbed his nemesis, making his drop the bow which reverted back into the small stick onto the ground. X struggled as Mr. Big held him with his enlarged hands, but he could not budge in his mighty grip of death. Mr. Big then jumped up and fell forward. He crashed him through every floor that X climbed up so hard to reach. They smashed into the ground floor, shaking the foundation of the building. Mr. Big stood up and looked down at X, mangled in the crater of the floor. He could not move, but Mr. Big made sure he’d make him move.
“You can’t win boy,” Mr. Big said in a low voice as he lifted X by his head and smashed him down on the floor again. “I’m gonna win because I made a deal with the Devil to become who I am today.” X writhed and grunted in pain and anguish from the impact. Mr. Big picked him up again and again and smashed him into walls, furniture and the hard marble floors. X was thrown like a rag doll everywhere, unable to move, run or even hold himself up. He was bloody and battered; the blood stained his face that cringed in fright of the enormous man.
“Now to do away with this pest, for good.” Mr. Big bellowed, lifting his foot. X shut his eyes, hoping that it would lessen the pain. But it didn’t. His massive foot smashed his femur into pieces and he yelled in surreal pain. Mr. Big laughed at him; he laughed and laughed at X, the defeated hero. Then Mr. Big was overcome with muscle spasms and yelled in pain himself. X looked back and wondered why he was acting this way. Mr. Big fell like a brick house and made a crater in the ground. Behind him was Lilith with electric knife stabbed into his spine. She ran to X with open arms and hugged him tight.
“Are you alright?”
“Ow, ow, no touching! Touching hurts!” He said.
“Sorry,” Lilith said letting go, “You did it, X, you freed New Atlantis.”
“I did, didn’t I? How did you escape?”
“All the guards left to fight you. But there’s one thing I need to tell you.”
“What’s that?”
“I rigged a bomb in this place and we have to leave now!”
“Why did you rig a bomb?”
“I thought you wouldn’t be able to beat Mr. Big! And I was right; he’s going to wake up and kill you!”
“Wait, explosion or implosion?”
“Why are you talking? Let’s get out of here!”
Lilith grabbed X’s bow-stick, and helped him limp toward the exit, with only seconds to spare, she dragged him down the steps of city hall and hit the ground as the clock went down to zero. The bomb went off inside city hall mansion, creating an implosion of the building falling in on itself. The once strong hold of tyranny and evil was then reduced to a steaming level wasteland of rubble. X began to chuckle, then it was raised into a laugh. Lilith laughed with him and they both began laughing uncontrollably.
On a coastal beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon, X and Lilith sat relaxing on their easy slide chairs. “What a great day,” X said, still in a cast leg and rib cage mummified in bandages, “I think I’m healthy enough to keep up our deal today.”
Lilith giggled in her skimpy red bikini, “Ha, maybe, my love, so what’s next for us?”
“After I heal up, we’ll go on the road, stopping the next bad guy. How’s that sound?”
“Better than all the credits in the world.”

The author's comments:
This entrie short series is just the first chapter, I think I'll make it into a book. And now, the final instalment of X

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