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The Legend of King Nova the Great (PART 1)

October 29, 2010
By Firebringer17 GOLD, Mayfield HTS, Ohio
Firebringer17 GOLD, Mayfield HTS, Ohio
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Many tales of Infernian folklore tell acts of great figures of heroism and bravery, but none are greater and more renowned than the legend of King Nova: The first Firebringer, the first Infernian king and the liberator of the firebringers. His bravery inspired millions of lives and to this day no man has ever been able to be as great as him. But to tell his story, one must go back, further back than the birth of Nova; one must go back to the birth of planet Earth.
In the beginning, darkness was the only entity that existed; dark blackness covered all plains of existence there with no end to the cold black space. But in an instant, a sudden spark went off, and an explosion occurred, thus creating the universe. The resulting explosion that created the universe left a ball of fire; it alone remained and floated in the middle of the universe as the first star. The fantastic display of orange and yellow burned eternally in the darkness littered with other brighter stars. Following it was a smaller ball of pure molten rock, though not as bright as the first star, it was just as hot. As time went on, the ball of molten rock cooled until the jelly-like ball began to form patches of solid rock. The darkness was enriched with mana: the most powerful energy in the universe, which made the darkness alive. As the darkness surrounded the still heated parts of the ball, it took hold of it and used its mana to give life to the fire, into a being of pure darkness called the Blackfire Beast. It was a vicious, black, four-limbed beast with claws and talons and sharp fangs. It was known as the world’s first Titan: Beings of the elements around them.
It turned a portion of the fire on the planet into dark fire, a sinister and evil flame that scorched the planet with sin. As the dark fire spread, its mana met with the cooled rock of the planet. The rock around it created another rock-like Titan that called this ball “Earth”. It used the rocky ground around it to make a vessel for its body and was known as the Earth Golem Titan and commandeered any land mass it could see. Soon, livable air began to form in the atmosphere of the Earth, as well as waters filling every corner of the planet, and they too became Titans, fueled by the mana. The Wind and Water Titans were spirits; they lived as intangible beings that surged through the seas and air of the planet.
Not long after, life began to shape on the Earth, and the Titans took responsibility for every different kind of creature. Fish and animals with fins would live in the sea; strong bulky animals with powerful legs resembled the Golem of itself, so it took care of them on its land masses. Winged beasts would live in the sky in elevated islands floating above the Earth by the power of the Wind Spirit. And creatures that exuded flames, were vicious and tolerated dry and hot places were taken as pets by the Blackfire Beast. However, they shared the rule over the most special creatures of all: humans.
The humans were much different than the other animals that appeared in the Earth. They were smart and could communicate with each other as well as the Titans. They could adapt to any place they lived and could prosper. That one attribute made it difficult for the Titans to divide them, but they tried as they could not to quarrel for the creatures. They took an equal number of humans and left a good amount by themselves just in case they could not keep their own humans alive. As always, the Wind and Water spirits lived as a protector for their humans, helping them live their lives better and longer without fear. The Golem lived among the humans, talking to them, even sometimes playing with them, and telling stories of times before the humans came along.
But the Blackfire Beast was still evil and used its share of the humans as slaves to work in its volcanoes to fuel its mighty fire so that it will never go out. It would force the humans to bring rocks and sticks from the ground and carry them all to the volcanoes so they may burn and keep the volcanoes active. At times the evil Fire Titan would implore them to give a sacrifice to the volcanoes for good measure, even if the volcano had no signs of dying or slowing. This pleased the Blackfire Beast so that it would not kill them all. The other Titans were appalled at how the Blackfire Beast treated its humans, but they said nothing to stop the tyranny for one reason alone: balance. The Titans wanted balance above all else on Earth because without it, they would cease to exist. If one Titan was over thrown, they would all begin to wither and die.
It went on like this for millennia until one day in the eternal plains of fire, a boy was born. He was as all humans in possession of the Blackfire Beast were, a slave to the Fire Titan itself and did not stand out. Fire slaves did not have names, and because of a shallow culture, they did not need to refer to each other, but the young human that would one day be known as King Nova saw the pains of his people. As soon as he was able to carry anything, Nova was put to work, carrying small sticks and pebbles, Nova worked his way to rocks at a fast rate. He worked hard because he was driven by passion, though he saw only freedom to fight for. But he dared not to fight for it now, for the Blackfire Beast was too powerful for him. He saw men scorched into the ground, reduced to a smudge on the floor by the Blackfire Beast of slowing down or even so much as hesitating to do an order.
Unlike most of his people who gave up before they became adults, Nova thought of what he could do to free his people. He had plenty of time to think as he was moving lumber and rocks into the volcano, an easy task which did not preoccupy his thoughts. He worked close to the Blackfire Beast when he got older, though few volunteered for such a dangerous task. But Nova wanted to study the Titan and learn its habits. The beast was easy to anger, and showed no signs of weakness what so ever. Though Nova did notice that no water was given to the servants that tended to the Blackfire Beast. He thought about how little there was of water in this domain, and thought about if there was more somewhere, but it was no use because the water would need to be carried a long distance to the horrible god without it knowing. He thought and ponder end meditated on the matter for years, never getting closer to where he was at the beginning. He could never speak his plans for a second opinion, for his fellow slaves would surely decline or turn him in.
Every day, Nova would stand on the tallest plateau and meditate about what he would do to weaken the Blackfire Beast, almost nothing weakened it. He meditated for years until an idea rushed into his head. The Titans claws were long and sharp, if Nova could get past the fire, he’d have to face the beast’s claws first. Nova then decided to make a weapon like the massive Titan’s claws. As he foraged for more rubble during the day, Nova would drop a few large lumps in an isolated place or behind a rock to pick them up later. After his work was done for the day, he’d gather the ore and carried them back to a dormant volcano. In there, Nova found a solid platform and with a bowl of fire, pounded the ore into a long and thin metal. After months of secret visits to the dormant volcano, Nova had finally finished and called his weapon a sword.
It was a magnificent thing, it shone even in the dimmest of places, and it had a metallic orange with a sharp edge and a reverse side with jagged edges that resembled the tips of flames. He then fashioned a handle to it out of the hardest metal that was no use to throw into the volcanoes: solid iron. He dug a mold into the platform that he pounded the ore in and poured the melted iron in to connect with his sword. His weapon was ready, but he knew not how to wield it. After his work was done as a slave, Nova would then go to the dormant volcano again and set forth a flame in front of him. He stared at the flame until he knew how to train with his new weapon. He carefully watched the flames, dancing and swaying in every direction, and mimicked their movements. It was difficult at first, but soon he learned to mimic them perfectly. The synchronization between him and the fire became like a mirror dance. He swayed and flew with the fire as if he was; like the flames he did not let anyone touch him without getting hurt, like the flames he looked like he was alive and yet not, and like the flames he was a dangerous force to be tampered with.
All the while of Nova learning his own craft of the elements, a Titan of great wisdom watched his progress. It was the Wind Spirit Titan, who disagreed with the Blackfire Beast the most of all and saw great potential in the young warrior. One day, when Nova was meditating on the plateau at night with a flame next to him. A gust of wind, a refreshing breeze blew past him and extinguished the fire. Nova was startled by the gust of wind and opened his eyes. He could see nothing, but the breeze still shot at his face. The gust of wind blew strong for a long time as it shifted to his ears, and the wind began to sound like it was saying something.
“Brave mortal,” it said, “I have seen your progress to defeat the Blackfire Beast, and have decided to aid you.”
“W-who are you,” Nova asked, “Where are you?”
“I am the Great and Mighty Wind Spirit Titan of the skies, Master of air. And I am not a tangible Titan like yours. I am everywhere the wind is and anywhere the wind can be. I have seen your weapon, a fine instrument it is, but that alone will not defeat the Blackfire Beast. Go and find your sword, so that you may know what I have done with it.”

Will Nova succeed with his new ally? What has The Great Wind Spirit done to his sword? Stay posted for part to of Th legend of King Nova.

The author's comments:
I wrote this short fiction as a prelude for a Novel I've written. My Novel takes place generations after this happened but I will tell you that the main character is a descendant of Nova. Tell me if you like it. I won't post the second part until I know people want to hear it.

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on Jan. 9 2011 at 3:10 pm
AgnotTheOdd GOLD, Aptos, California
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It's hard for me to critique this well because I'm not too into creation legends of even myths like that at all - I don't have too much to compare or use as a reference either.  It seems creative to me and like a good introduction methinks.  I'm a little confused as to why things started randomly appearing, but i think a lot of myths are kinda like that.  So good job, I'll channel a little Irish luck your way

on Nov. 30 2010 at 7:38 pm
wordjunkie BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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i like legends, so i hav high standards, but this so far is good. im not too concerned with grammar and i didnt notice it. good job altogether.

on Nov. 19 2010 at 11:58 pm
Miss.Chase BRONZE, Anaheim, California
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"Greatness Isn't Given Its Earned"

Its interesting, I like hearing about the creation of things. Some grammar as stated before but still its a nice story so far.

lmmirzaeih said...
on Nov. 19 2010 at 6:30 pm
lmmirzaeih, Foster City, California
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Nice plotline, some of the grammar is a bit off, though.