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The Adventures of Nymph and Nimus, Chapter One

October 28, 2009
By Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
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Chapter One: Blirp

"You know, I've always wanted a talking squirrel." "I'm not making you one." "Then what about an anatomically correct snowman?" Nimus shook hid head. "Where did that come from?" "I Read it in a comic once, a long time ago." Nymph's voice trailed off. In a movie, this would be the proper time for a montage, but we don't have any time or, for that matter, any clips to put into it, so we'll just move on. It was bright out, with a slight wind at their backs as they headed south on the Rolls Road. "That dwarf had an awesome pair of nun-chucks." Nymph said. (He was commenting on the other odd pair of travelers they had met a few hours earlier, traveling in the opposite direction. The duo consisted of a nun-chuck wielding dwarf (duh) and a rather worthless wizard.) "That he did. His friend was a little annoying though. No monocle." They crested a hill, and their destination came into being. The city of Blirp was of Decent size, and due to the recent new world change, had turned a rather pleasant shade of deep green. Oh, right. I haven't explained the land of Irys, have I? It's quite an anomalie, seeing as every 21st of November, all the landscape changes, randomly and without any real explanation (well, between you and I, it's actually a floating beet that picks all the changes, but it's so far out in space no one has ever gotten the idea to accuse the thing and keep things normal). Anyways, the changes are not just limited to colour, but rather, any and all bits of matter are. It's all a role of the die to the inhabitants, who just have to make due. Mountains can turn into small mammals, and small mammals can turn into massive fish, which can in turn, change into a rather large grapefruit. (This is actually a common cycle, as it is necessary to regulate the number of mountains, small mammals, and large fish, as well as to provide an almost limitless supply of tasty grapefruits to the pirates of Bromth to help prevent scurvy.) Now, Blirp was inhabited mainly by Glurb, a race of pan-galactic inter-dimensional beings. You may know them as Celestial Anomalies of Tremendous Size, or, even more commonly, C.A.T.S. They look like cats, (surprisingly), but about the size of a small planet. Now, you may ask, if they are that big, how can they live in a city in which our "heros" could potentially live? It's simple. Just calculate the gravity in the area and apply that to the mass of the C.A.T.S., and you will find an implosion imminent. But, since they exist in several dimensions at once, they cant be crushed entirely. So they just spread themselves out over, say, 15 to 20 different planes at once. This makes them look significantly smaller, as well as different. (You never want to see the whole thing, trust me. I was in the E.R. for 2 weeks, and still have not slept.) Back to the story. Our adventurers have reached the gates, which resonated a sense of friendliness. Intricate carvings of mutilated villagers created a feeling of peace in our characters as they trudged on through. The main street went straight through the town and out the other side. Shops lined both sides, while the residencies were located mainly in the upper stories of the emerald buildings.

(To be continued.....)

The author's comments:
I have a few references to some inspirations of mine, such as the anatomically correct snowman (an homage to Bill Watterson's comic "Calvin and Hobbes"). Part two to come soon. Please comment!

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