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Nigeria: Chapter 1 - The War [P.1]

October 15, 2009
By SingDanceLoveAndLive BRONZE, Lumby, Other
SingDanceLoveAndLive BRONZE, Lumby, Other
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When is this going to end?

King Okana thought while wiping beads of sweat off of his forehead. King Okana was in the middle of a war that had lasted four days straight. He had already lost nine hundred men, leaving him with only eight hundred, and they were going fast no matter how many magicians they had. At this rate my kingdom might as well be under the leadership of Nazrom, thought King Okana, this realm might as well be called the Chaos realm. NO, I can not loose. I have my beautiful wife, baby daughter, and a whole realm to keep from Chaos. I can not afford to loose! I will NOT loose!

“CHARGE!” yelled King Okana leading the rest of his army into the depths of the thirsty demons they were battling.

As soon as Macelen; leader of the demons and Nazrom’s younger brother, saw what was happening, his army was already invested with Okana’s. Macelen was astonished how fast Okana had recovered and was in rage because his owns’ reaction was to slow, and how his army was slowly getting smaller; giving Okana an advantage.

Okana worked his way through the cluster of demons to the in raged Macelen, killing furious thousand pound demons that got in his way. His face was stained in his and demon’s blood. The armor he wore had a deep dent in the front, making it hard to breath. He had 1or 2 broken ribs, but that didn’t stop him from protecting what was rightfully his. Nazrom along with his brother of his, have killed hundreds of people and have burned over a fourth of the villages in this realm. I can’t let him continue to kill people, if I’d stopped him sooner I might have saved my parents, and brother. But I will stop him now; I will save the rest of these people! With that stuck in his mind King Okana summoned the rest of his strength, he pointed his sword to the sky and shouted,
The clouds in the sky began to circle above his head. Lightning shot down to the tip of his sword, making the sword almost impossible to hold on but Okana held on. Pointing the sword to Macelen’s chest; who was 15 feet away, he lunged towards Macelen’s heart. Okana was almost close enough to pierce Macelen when a huge demon lunged at him and pinned him to the ground. The sudden attack shocked Okana making him loose his grip on his sword. As it fell to the ground, lightning pierced the ground continually. Smoke rose from the ground blinding everybody. King Okana shoved the demon that was pinning him to the ground off and ran towards Macelen, not reminding himself that he was unarmed and Macelen was. As soon as Macelen was within arms reach, King Okana felt an excruciating stab of pain in his own chest. Looking down he noticed his foolishness had led him right into Death’s sword, and with Macelen not relieving him of the sword, Okana prayed quietly in his head that he would not die.

Macelen lent forward towards Okana’s right ear. He was so close Okana could smell his rancid breathe.
As Macelen dug his sword deeper into the king’s chest, he spoke,
“Did you really think you could beat me? Or even at the thought, Nazrom? Well old man…looks like your days are numbered!” Macelen then rotated his sword in a circle, laughing at Okana’s yells of pain. Pulling the sword out, Macelen stepped away letting Okana fall to the ground, bleeding violently. After watching him for a few seconds Macelen snapped his fingers and disappeared, along with all of his demons.
King Okana turned his head slightly to the left with the greatest effort. His vision was blurred so all he could see was blotches of colors in shapes of what they could be. King Okana looked harder and saw, what was unmistakably, a person, coming his way. Okana tried his best to move, but yelled in pain instead, making his vision die out. He tried hard to listen for the hurrying foot steps of the person coming his way, but all he could hear was blood pounding against his eardrum.

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