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The stryggle for survival

September 15, 2023
By rg0322734 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
rg0322734 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
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Roland Gonzales

It was a day like any other for Zach with his weekly run to the grocery store, running over every zombie in his path crushing them, and having bodies pile up on his tires. When Zach gets to the grocery store he starts his usual routine going through the isles and smashing every zombie that comes close within his space with his basher(bat with nails in it) all while doing that getting all the junk food you can eat. On the way out of the store, he heard a loud thump on top of the roof like something ascended on top the roof this wasn't a little thing either it had to be at least 600 Lb because it caved the rough in. It jumps and jumps on the rough and Zach prances out of the way before getting mashed by this Hounder It is ten times the size of a dog slightly bigger than a bear but with the athletic ability of an Olympic dog. The Hounder stares at Zach then starts to slowly approach him and attacks but Zach dodges and brings out his basher The Hounder ends up going face first into the wall then turns back around and attacks Zach but this time Zach has nowhere to go and gets trapped under the Hounder with his bat in between the zombie's jaws. He needs to get out so Zach pushes the monster off him and sticks his basher in the monster's mouth. The blue blood of the monster starts to cover him all over his body and suddenly the monster stops moving.

  When done with that he grabs his groceries and heads home to his tree house where he stays. After all, he decides to take a rest day with his dog instead of going out to look for people. He likes to think about how before all this he and his friend would always hang out The next day he decided to go to the baseball stadium hopefully finding his long-lost best friend. He also wants to go because it makes him think about his parents taking him when he was little and when things were so much more straightforward. Once Zach is there, he sees Zeke, his childhood best friend and one of his only real friends. Zeke is fighting a bunch of zombies though and needs help but he is far in the distance so Zach starts to make his way to him running with everything he has to save his childhood best friend. He eventually gets there and jumps the fence to help Zeke but by the time he gets there he doesn't see Zeke and thinks he has gotten eaten by the zombies but now he has to worry about himself because he is now surrounded by zombies. He grabbed his basher and started going at them there were about 20 of them. Then out of nowhere, Zeke shows up and Zach almost ends up treating him as a zombie and starts to swing at him but stops mid-way and grazes his sheeke leaving a tiny austere. They are so excited to see each other that they stop and just run as fast as they can away from the zombies jumping and kicking the zombies out of their way. Once to safety, they start hugging each other because they miss each other so much after that they head to where Zeke lives and Zeke starts showing what he has been doing which is trying to make a cure for the zombies. He is very close to making the cure for the zombie. In the end, they are together though that all that matters to them and in the future they could create the cure together

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