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Our frozen past

March 17, 2023
By MichaelB22 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
MichaelB22 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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On a Monday morning at Mendez Intermediate a boy in his class went to the library. A 13 year old boy, Jeremiah, is roaming through the library when all of a sudden an old book gets his attention. He noticed that the book was torn, faded, and dusty.  ¨What is this book?¨ Jeremiah announced.

 Everyone looked at him weird and shushed him.

Jeremiah walks to an empty table with the book in his hand. As soon as he was going to open the book the bell rang, he had to go home. When Jeremiah got home  he decided to do homework. Opening his backpack he notices the book he left in the library. ¨Where did this book come from?¨ He was intrigued but curious.

As he was opening the book he knocked out. Little did he know that one of the pages had a warning! Saying, AFTER READING CLOSE THE BOOK. That's a mistake that Jeremiah didn't know.

At 7 in the morning Jeremiah gets woken up by a cold breeze.

¨Where am I?¨ Jeremiah shouted.

He soon discovered he was in a forest. Jeremiah noticed his backpack and the book from the library, he then started going through the pages.

Jeremiah stops at a page with a picture of a mammoth. He starts hearing loud footsteps. He stops with a frightening face, and starts looking around his surroundings. Jeremiah sees a large, dangerous mammoth.

¨Aaaaaa¨ Jeremiah shouted.

The mammoth was coming towards Jeremiah. Without hesitation he got the book and stuffed it in his backpack and ran. Jeremiah ran as fast as he could but the mammoth kept chasing him. He found a cave and hid there hoping the mammoth would leave. Jeremiah opens the book in hopes of going home but he discovers that nothing happens. He then notices that the book is magic.

Noticing that the book looks exactly like where he's at. Not hearing the mammoth Jeremiah gets out of the cave. Jeremiah keeps walking with the book in his hand going through the pages. When he realizes a tree with 3 rocks. He discovers that the rocks are eggs in a nest. As he was getting closer he heard a loud skitch behind the tree.

Jeremiah gets curious and takes a look. He saw a terror bird eating a horse.

¨What is that?¨ Jeremiah shouts.¨I want to get out of here.¨

As he was walking backwards he tripped on a stick. The terror bird heard and looked in his direction. Jeremiah ran for his life. He had no idea where to go. When suddenly he saw a ladder going up a tree. 

¨A tree house¨ he said.

Jeremiah went up the ladder, he looked back and saw the terror bird. After he was inside the tree house, he flipped through a page on the book hoping it would end, and he would go home. He saw a picture of a bear in the book, he looked outside the window and saw a bear surrounding the tree house.
¨Not again¨ 

He was hiding and trying to be quiet so the bear didn't hear him. Jeremiah noticed a page of his room.

Quietly he said, ¨I wish I can go home.¨

He heard the bear trying to go up the ladder. Jeremiah closed his eyes and everything got silent. When he opened his eyes he was back in his room like nothing happened. He was confused, he thought it was a dream. That's when he noticed the book was close. Without hesitation he put the book back inside his backpack. Pretending like if nothing happened he started doing his homework.

At 6:30 in the morning, Jeremiah wakes up relieved that nothing happened in the middle of the night. Before leaving for school he made sure that the book was inside his backpack. As soon as Jeremiah got to school he went straight to the library to return the book. He left a note saying, ¨Whoever reads this good luck.¨

The author's comments:

The magic tree house inspired me to write my story because I wanted to write something about adventure and action. 

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