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There should be more guidance and preparation for college admission in High Schools

October 25, 2008
By Anonymous

College preparation is essential for the college bound high school student. Most elite colleges seek certain attributes in their potential students such as well roundedness, being involved in school activities, high grades, challenging classes, and the desire for a good education. As a high school student, I know how difficult it can be during times when work overloads occur. We know these times as the end of a marking period. Imagine a ton of schoolwork and dealing with college applications. A student in high school may be very ambitious, but what sometimes happens is that a great student is missing something, either small or big, that keeps the student from getting into their dream school. High school students are well aware of the basic requirements, but many colleges, especially the highly selective ones, request more from a student. High school students should be aware of what they must do in order to get into the college of their choice, and there isn’t always a sufficient amount of guidance to help prepare students for college admission in high school.

High school is very demanding and challenging, especially for a high achieving student. It is difficult to acquire good grades at an age where so many variables can get in the way of school. Some examples are family issues, relationships, poor friendships, and a lack of personal time. Everyone needs guidance at one point as well, especially with the extremely complicated matter of college applications. It seems impossible for teenagers to deal with all of the pressures of life when some simple mistakes can jeopardize a college career. It should be easier to obtain information regarding the essential criteria that a college may look for.

Friends of mine applying to colleges find the process extremely complicated. A college may require specific things that students may be unaware of. These requirements may vary from classes, exams, and a certain amount of community service, to a specific recommendation. If you are unaware of what a college requires of you, you may miss something vital that prevents your acceptance. It is important that you find out the information that you are expected to know if your school does not supply you with it, so you do not make these mistakes.

A college bound student should take the initiative to find out what is required to get into the school of his choice. Also, since college is a step closer to the real world, you may argue that in life people don’t just lay out the information that you need, you have to work for what you want. It’s true that students should try their best to find out what they need, but the process of applying to college should be better understood, and the topic should be introduced to students from the beginning of their high school career.

With college applications on the mind, high school students don’t have it easy, and guidance should be more accessible and available. From the beginning of a student’s high school career, students should be aware the classes that are mandatory, beneficial, and required for certain schools. If students know what they need to do, they will have more success in completing their goals. Don’t let yourself go on not knowing what you need to do to get into the college of your choice. Find out now what you need to do for your best success.

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grandpaa1 said...
on Dec. 9 2008 at 3:38 am
This is a brilliant article, well-written and thoughtful. The person who wrote this article should get into the college of her choice on the basis of this article alone. It is obvious that the writer is ambitious and diligent about her academic endeavors and coping with the stresses of adolescence. Her sound analysis of these issue and her suggested remedies should be taken seriously by all high school students dealing with the college application process.