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   New York, NY: During July, I lived in New York City and had a chance to visit Columbia College. Traditionally this school has been a haven for street-smart intellectuals like Jack Kerouac, who are attracted to the city's cultural diversity. The campus is located in upper Manhattan and borders Harlem. The area is a lively multicultural center with bohemian caf"s and family-operated grocery stores. Even though Columbia is located in a relatively safe environment, the streets are constantly patrolled by security officials and students are told to be on guard.

The campus itself is a contrast to the city, with classical architecture and green lawns. The dorm rooms, which are fairly small and old, have wonderful views of the city. The school cafeteria is said to have improved, but most students don't eat there on a regular basis. The most striking aspect of the campus is the steps of Butler Library which are always strewn with students either socializing or sitting back and relaxing.

Columbia College is the smallest Ivy League school and has a world-wide reputation for its English and history curriculum. Many of the professors are well-known scholars who are willing to establish good relations with their students. The student body represents a significant number of minorities and is filled with intellectually aggressive people. A philosophy major I talked to said the hardest part of attending such an urban college is studying in a city that has such an exceptional nightlife.

Columbia College is a great place for anyone interested in attending a school where the city is a part of their educational experience. If you are fortunate enough to be accepted to such a competitive school, you will have experiences at Columbia that will probably shape the rest of your life. n

Reviewed in 1991

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