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The Villa

January 16, 2008
By Anonymous

All summer long . . . “Jenna! Get me two salads with ranch, one diet coke and a pound of shrimp now!” It grew old—quickly. While my friends soaked up the sun and lived the lives they loved during the summer months, I was that girl in the movie—the one everybody feels badly for. I bussed tables, plunged clogged toilets, dropped trays full of plates, and played Cinderella for five waitresses. The other girls I worked with took advantage of the work I was doing. But, that did not stop me. I continued to perform my job to the fullest. After all, the point of working in a restaurant is to please the customer, not the waitress, right?
August was around the corner and my summer job at the Villa was coming to an end. Having tolerated the endless hours and workdays all summer, I finally realized the importance of an education. At the start of my senior year, flashbacks of my experiences at the Villa have driven me to work my hardest to succeed. My mother has always reminded me that it is important to “wake up every morning and love what you do.”
Despite the tough labor and fifteen minute lunch breaks, I truly am thankful that I worked at the Villa. I am the type of girl who is keen to experience dirty work so that I may appreciate what is soon to come. In the future, as I strive to accomplish a degree, I can now say I would not be satisfied waking up each morning to maintain my role busing tables.

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