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Friends Can Bring You Down

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

“I believe that friends can bring you down, just as much as you hoped they wouldn’t.” I’m almost a 15 year old teenage girl just wanting to be able to make old things better and throw all the feelings away like they don’t matter. It’s been a while now since me and my three other BFF’S (best friends forever) have talked, walking by myself around in the halls and seeing them still together, laughing and not caring that I’m falling apart, tears me down even more than just a little argument that was over in less than five minutes. While sitting at lunch or just floating around all the rumors going on and having the automatic thought... “It’s them”. I don’t understand why if they told me they would always be there when I’m falling apart or need a shoulder to cry on, when they haven’t ever before. “Wouldn’t that make you wonder?” knowing the fact that I’m alone and having to move on is also hard to keep my focus. I remember staying the night having slumber party’s was the only thing we all wanted to do every weekend, all niters laughing as hard as we could at nothing. But all I have now is just memories, memories that I think they all forgot about, just like they forgot about me or that I’m still even here. All I have left to do is move on, and not feel sorry anymore there are two other girls Emily (Bonita) and Brittany (Bonita Blonde) that I still have and can have fun with!!! Instead of letting friends bring me down. There’s still a future I believe that I have and I don’t need to sit in my room all the time just to let them feel they have all the power over me. So moving on and finding a way to get over the fact of them not around is gonna take some guts, but I can do it. I think the first thing I’ll try to do is apologize for whatever I did to get it off my chest and let them know how I’m feeling. Cause if you’re like me and you thing you’ve got a good friendship think again or look out because “friends can bring you down just as much as you hoped they wouldn’t and that’s what I truly believe.”

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