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I Am Not Alone

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

This isn't the first time that I will tell myself and everybody else that I'm alone...
Actually, I think most of the time in my life was spent by me all alone. Come to think of it, I am rthe type of person that can easily adopt herself to any type of person I meet along the way. But, I can't understand why do always have to be alone...why can't they try to share their time with me?
Am I that too boring to be with? They always left me, ignoring what will I feel in the midst of the
crowd laughing and chatting together, and me, left there sitting with no one to talk to.
That's why I enjoy writing. It's my way of expressing myself. I alweays talk with my notebook silently, afraid somebody would hear me.My notebook suddenly became my friend and companion. It doesn't argfue nor confront with me not like any person I meet in this institution.
Well, who else but my notebook? I t cannot leave me, it can't be my enemy. That's why it eventually became all right with me being all alone. With my notebook, I can pretend I'm all right sitting there doing my assignment seriously as time passes by with no one to disturb me. But actually, they don't know I'm a pretender. THat I have no disturbance at all for I do not have a friend to disturb me.
When I talk, no one seems to hear me. When I laugh, it seems I'm not there. If one person will join me here and turn to say something offering a talk, I will tell you I will be in Cloud 9...
But when will it happen? When I become tired of waiting and become enjoyed and contented with just writing my journal here by myself?
But, well I think I'm not the only person in this world who feels like it.
So after all, I am not alone...

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ssshhh said...
on Sep. 24 2009 at 1:14 am
No man is an island. Sometime we feel lonely but this is what we call life. I just want to share with you that we can enjoy the peacefulness instead of loneliness and emptiness while we are alone..so it is up to you to change your perspective:P i believe one day you will truthly find that everyone cares about you even though u always alone..stay cheery:P