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This I Believe

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

“True love comes around once in a lifetime, and I think these guys have what it takes to make it.” What makes a hero a hero? Well to me they just are. I believe a hero doesn’t have to be named Superman; they just have to matter to you.
I was at my grandpa McMellon’s house in Pennsylvania on vacation. I decided I wanted to go outside and play with my two cousins, Matt and Maggie. They were both older than me, so they had to teach me what to do. Well my grandpa lived on a big, huge, steep, rocky hill. While I was playing I turned the wrong way and started falling down the slope. My cousin Matt grabbed my hand, and I stopped falling. I would have gotten really hurt and he saved me from falling.
People you don’t even know can act like a hero to you also. I was walking home from school when I was in second grade (my house was really close to the school, and I had older kids with me). The kids I was with got really far ahead of me so I was kind of by myself. Well these two boys came up and started hitting me with the zipper of their jackets. It really did hurt. So a fifth grader came up and made them stop hitting me. She walked me home the rest of the way and I said thank you and walked into my house, I never remember seeing her again. See she didn’t even know me and she helped me.
This is what really got my belief statement in my mind. My uncle has Parkinsons disease. In August of my eighth grade year I went up to Illinois for two weeks, and stayed at his house. That man was up every morning doing something. A lot of people would have just drowned in self pity. Then this year in October my cousin got married, and my uncle was his best man. At the reception his medicine was starting to wear off and he was shaking a lot. He made the most wonderful speech that I have ever heard in my life. He drives and goes places that he shouldn’t. He isn’t letting the disease take over, to me, that’s amazing.
See, I believe that heroes don’t always have to fly, but they are always important. A lot of people have different opinions on what exactly a hero is. Some may think heroes only exist in stories; some may have higher expectations than I do. My hero is not Clark Kent in glasses, but he is superman to me.

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