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This I Believe...

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever done something good and gotten rewarded? Or done something bad and gotten punished? We’ve all been there, good and bad, this is why I believe you get what you give.

A time in my life that made me believe my statement was one summer at the pool. During the summer I’m always at the pool and there are always the same people (it’s a country club kind of thing) but not today. I was walking past the volley ball court when I looked over to the snack bar and saw a girl about my age sitting all by her self. I thought id be nice and invite her to play volley ball since she seemed so alone. And so I did, we ended up spending the whole day together and we were really becoming friends. By the end of the day we were telling inside jokes and making plans for next week. We somehow, from one day, became good friends from then on out. I believe by being a friend to her I gained a friend.

On a different note, there have been times were I gave bad and got bad. I’d wanted a new computer for a while now and my mom finally decided to get one. I was so excited to get it but I had been sick that week and in a bad mood from school Friday. Saturday was when we went and on Saturday morning I woke up and I was still grumpy. I complained the whole way to the store and the whole time we were in there. I was not a pleasant person to be with that day. My mom had warned me a few times already that if I wasn’t nice I didn’t deserve nice things. We got the computer and went home. When we got home we set up the computer and I proceeded to get on it, but my mom stopped me. She said I had been mean all day and didn’t deserve my computer. I had gotten grounded from it for three days. For having a bad attitude I got punished. I believe it would have been better to have been nice.

Besides being nice to get things you sometimes have to work hard for things. Someone wise once said “hard work pays off” and boy don’t I believe that. It was the end of the 9 weeks one semester at school and I was nearly failing math, I had a D-, and it was slowly slipping to an F. To avoid failing I had no choice but to step it up and work hard for my grade. For the next week I took every make up test and turned in all missing home work, I even took extra credit. By the end of semester I had brought my grade in math up to a B. Because I worked hard for my grade I got a good grade.

I believe you get out of something what you put in to it. A bad attitude and slacking can result to bad things but having a positive outlook and working hard can bring you good things. So within my experiences I’ve shared with you, I hope next time you think about what your going get out something before you do it, this I believe.

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