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A War Against Destiny MAG

By Anonymous

   I am the master of my life, the sculptor of my future. My life may not be perfect in academics, but it is one of hard work and creativity.

I may sound egocentric but I believe that only you can change your life, your destiny, your fate. I know my shortcomings and I know I must change them. For seven years my academic history was mediocre and not creative.

I had fallen behind many of my classmates, but now I'm back on track, aggressive like never before. All this had happened because of pressure from friends, obviously not the good ones. I think this is a problem my generation has and will have to deal with. We always want to be like our friends and do the things that are "cool," but it is a wise mind that recognizes what is not appropriate, or the correct behavior. And to change is to be ambitious and open-minded. We need to be open-minded to deal with the changes that will come as a result.

"You're not gonna make it to twelfth grade or graduation." Hey, What's that? A prophesy? Well, I'll make sure that never happens to me. I will sail much farther, proving to myself, and only to myself that a human being can overcome anything, even in the most adverse situation.

I am drugged, an addict to the most powerful narcotic ever known, the one that can only be smuggled from books, classrooms, and endless hours of thinking, and trying to elevate myself to the highest place in heaven. That drug is "Knowledge," the most accurate way to get power, the power to change the future and change this insane present that divides societies and democracies everywhere.

To be strong, all you need is to achieve the power, the power of knowledge. And I have achieved it. -

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i love this so much!