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   It was an obscure, undiscerning moment; the unwanted devil had finally arrived after the tough three years I have struggled through high school. Since his arrival, the question of "What should I write for my college essay?" became very flustering to me. Day by day, the devil mumbled repeatedly in my conscious that I do not have much time left to compose my essay. With the small amount of remaining time, I decided to gather all the important topics to formulate this paper: significant experience, importance in my life, a person who has influenced me, such and such ... In conclusion, I ended up with this paper ...

It was not very long ago; May 27, 1990, the exciting, unforgettable, and yet, melancholic time of my life; my plane to America was about to depart. Goodbye, goodbye to my beloved family, my friends, and Hong Kong, the land that is filled with my childhood memories, "Goodbye" was the last word I said silently within my heart.

Time in America was not easy for me, especially as an immigrant. Not only was I treated with discourtesy, I was also part of their amusement. How could the world be so cruel, putting my life in despair. Opportunely, I met him. His arrival enlightened my existence, the caring and tenderness he presented touched me to believe in miracles. Once again, I came alive.

As time went by, my ambition grew. During my high school years, I participated in various activities, within school, out of school, and also during each summer time. I devoted most of my time to education because I believe one must persist in order to succeed. Perhaps, I should say thank you to them, the ignorant ones. If it was not them mocking my defective English, and putting me in an uncomfortable position, I would not have strengthen my enthusiasm.

After years of effort and development, the time for college has

finally arrived. It is time to make my parents proud, and more importantly, time to fulfill my interest and to prepare for a promising future.

Unwarily, the devil has diminished. -

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i love this so much!