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Who I Am

May 6, 2008
By Anonymous

I am a dynamic person, I get straight “ A’s” by using a ruler. I am very healthy and conscientious person and have double cheeseburgers in lunches and diet cokes to drink to balance my daily calories. This is why often see myself in a Hollywood movie. I believe that eating will help me achieve whatever I want to be, whether I am going to a Hollywood industry, being accepted into your university, or maybe going to medical school one day.

I am a very outgoing person. In my free time, I love to go to gym not to exercise, but to hang out with my friends; in addition, I can cook in thirty minutes, but I can eat in less than two minutes.

I also have technical skills. I can type six pages in twenty minutes and I have not taken any typing lessons because I teach myself. I am good at texting though. I am a very artistic and creative person. I painted the Mona Lisa, but I forgot to write my name on it. I have traveled extensively in Asia and I speak more than three languages. Last time when I went to India, I thought I was a foreigner in my own country. Indians sweat a lot.

I took my SAT’s and TOFEL; I slept only two hours in a day and even when I slept, all I could think about was who invited the SAT’s words. I had to work so hard, since English is not my first language, but I still can speak Sanket. I drive my car really great--I never have gotten, a ticket--but I still need to get my learners. I don’t know why the DMV people want me to take a driving test.

I love the environment and I would like to do as much as I can to help. I know the secret to global warming and how it affects the environment. I want to be a scientist, if not a doctor, if not a Bollywood, or Hollywood queen, if not a tennis player. I would also like to be a great dancer. Years ago, I did a lot of studying and have discover my ultimate purpose in life, but I forgot to write it down. However, I am not disappointed, I am confident I will find my purpose years from now. I have done all these things, but I have not been to college.

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