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A Beautiful World

December 6, 2007
By Anonymous

Seven years ago, I was on plane. The sky was full of darkness, but had speckles of light scattered all over the atmosphere. Looking down, I observed millions of buildings illuminating. I experienced a dropping feeling down in my stomach, and my ears were starting to ache. I pulled out a piece of gum and started chewing; we were about to land! Being in a plane for about twelve hours made me want to escape unless I slept the whole way.

Entering the terminal, our family welcomed us. Our family was so excited to see us. When we arrived at their house, I went straight to bed. The next day I was awakened with the aroma of my aunt’s delicious cooking. She prepared eggs, beans with sour cream, fresh bread, fresh tortillas, and tamales! After breakfast my siblings and I climbed the long, cold cemented stairs to the roof, a place where we could examine the beautiful volcanoes in the distance, hundreds of houses all clustered together, markets, and a park. My aunt lived in the vivacious city. As we were exploring, we heard a sound coming from the house in front of us. We strolled to the front end of the house. Then, four boys about my age approached us, greeted us, and inquired millions of questions. That day my siblings and I played soccer and hide and seek with them. Those four boys became our friends. Guatemala, a beautiful world, provided my family and me with rich cultures.

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