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Society and Its Definition

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

I have come across a very troubling conundrum about Society as a whole.
(What I mean by “society as a whole” is a society that limits the uniqueness of people. It also does not let people express their own beliefs. An aspiration is neglected.)

I see that many people fear that the human population is growing to big. Also, many people do not fair well with things that are different from them. It is then natural for society to therefore have to pinpoint things and attack, instead of letting something be. For instance, there are so many archetypes: Black, White, Gay, Muslim, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Jewish, Spanish, Disabled, Afro-centric, Geek, Good, Bad, etc. The list goes on and on. It now comes back to the infamous question: what is Normal?

The only way society can run as a society is for it to classify certain things into sections. This is why society naturally (not on purpose) has the word “normal”. Normal now has a rule. Normal is wearing clothes, going to school, having a religion, getting married, and watching television. To get more specific, it is also using a computer, buying food or anything else from a store, and driving a car. This, in truth, is the only way society can survive and prosper.

What are my views on what is normal? Well normal is not in my vocabulary. I have certain interests such as 80’s and 90’s sitcoms, Hip-hop, and Basketball. I don’t push people into liking what I like (characteristic of society). My views will change and I will soon live a life in a different way. Society makes you act like everyone else, for the status quo, while I act like an individual.

There are alternative ways of living our life. You could be farmer, who plants and eats his/her own food. He surrounds his life on the natural Sun, as it gives him time, crops, and the weather. You can live in a village city where everybody around you lives the same way, with no pharmacies, supermarkets, or delis around you. We can make our own choices on how we want to run our lives. Who you are shouldn’t be thrown away to fit the status quo. Live for yourself, because only you can determine your destiny.

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