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Nauvoo Journal

October 25, 2007
By Anonymous

“Welcome to Nauvoo” the sign said as we zoomed into Nauvoo, Illinois. The second I saw the Nauvoo Temple I immediately burst into tears. The rest of my family was crying to but we were all happy. I was so excited it was the Fourth of July, and I was in my favorite place in the whole world everything was going great.


Oh goodness I am so excited we met with tons of new people. The most adorable girl named Jessica is my new best friend (In Nauvoo). There’s also the Florence family. Aurora is the oldest daughter and she is not afraid of showing her style (a.k.a.) weird clothes.


Sorry I didn’t write for the past two days I have been so busy well today is AnnAlyse’s birthday. It was a Sunday and we had so much fun playing Uno Spin.


Tonight we started the pageant and it started to rain. People say a little water can’t hurt you but today it was raining cats and dogs. The weird thing is that it just started one second and in a flash it was the worst rain storm I have ever seen. Everyone is in several layers of clothes (women in their 6 layer thick dresses) and getting soaked. Wow, what a storm. But we still did the pageant even though the stage was slippery and we couldn’t change.


Well if this week hasn’t been hectic I don’t know what is. My brothers had to be in the talent show I had to help Jessica with her thing for the talent show. We have been rehearsing non stop and one of Michael's (my brother) mission companions is coming to stay with us. WOW!!!!


Tonight is the last night of the pageant. I guess I haven’t really explained what the pageant is about. Well, it starts out w/ Parley P. Pratt interacting with the audience then goes on to all the new immigrants coming in to Nauvoo. Next, it goes on to tell about people in Nauvoo and Joseph Smith. And then his martyrdom and all the saints moving to Utah and how they lived on.


Today we’re heading home from Nauvoo. its so peaceful here. the tall stalks of corn and all the greenery. It's.......Perfect.

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