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Being a Leader

September 30, 2007
By Anonymous

Being the line leader was not my idea of fun. Don’t get me wrong, some kids loved it. They liked the power. Where ever they went, the class went. I always saw it as being kind of embarrassing. The thought of having my classmates stare at the back of my head while we walked down the school hallway, made me feel uneasy, until it was my turn to be line leader.

Waking up that morning, I tried not to think about it but in the back of my head, I knew today was my day. I never considered myself much of a leader or one to possess such qualities, but little did I know I was wrong. As I was getting off the bus I had that butterfly feeling in my stomach. Normally, something like this wouldn’t bug a person, but when you’re seven years old, you’re in your own world.

I quietly put my backpack in my cubby outside the classroom, quietly walked in, and quietly sat down in my desk, the usual, just quieter. I was hoping my teacher wouldn’t notice me and maybe she would forget it was my day to be the leader. As she got up from her desk, Mrs. Miller walked over to the door, where the leadership calendar just happened to be posted. When she announced that I was today’s leader, shivers went up and down my spine. I was horrified. What if I go the wrong direction, or forget where I’m supposed to be leading at all? As the leader I am supposed to know these things! Mrs. Miller asked for everyone to line up behind me and announced that we would be going to the library and some of my nerves went away. I knew exactly where the library was. “This will be easy.” I said

I turned off the lights, and proceeded down the hallway to the library. “Hey, this is kind of cool!” I thought to myself. It felt surprisingly good to be in front and have control. I would never let myself forget that day.

After I ‘graduated’ elementary school, it was off to the middle school where many leadership roles awaited my classmates and I, and believe me, I dove right in. On the first day of 6th grade I stood up in front of my classmates and presented my idea for the name of our class. I liked being able to communicate my feelings, and I liked that others enjoyed my ideas.

Seventh grade was a big year. I was voted by my sixth grade teachers to be a part of student council, which in itself is a leadership group. I had the time of my life partaking in all sorts of activities. The next year I was voted as a chair head of the Birthday committee, where I got to express my feelings and show my sense of leadership off to the other members of my group.

My leadership qualities followed me outside of school to soccer, where I gave a speech to my team about how I thought I would be a great captain. I was voted captain which gave me even more confidence and made me feel that with my leadership, I could do anything. In my high school years, I have grown to be very outspoken which helps when taking the leadership roll in the classroom.

By developing leadership skills at a young age, I feel that I have a great sense of guidance now, which is more important to me than ever. With my leadership skills, I feel that I can accomplish anything!

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