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A Hungry World

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Living in a developing country made me see the suffering of many children. I remember going to school and thinking why I had the opportunity to read while other children had to work on the streets to help their families. Poverty is becoming even more common nowadays. ItÕs almost unbelibable to know that there are 22 billion children in the world and one billion of them live under poverty (Poverty around the World). Some people believe that the government of those countries is responsible for those kids and the U.S should not interfere. On the other hand many others believe that developed countries need to help the third world countries before it is too late.

My biggest impression when I came here to the U.S was seeing that there was no poverty at all. At least most people in Oklahoma have a good house and food. It strikes me to know that in Colombia and all around the world there are kids dying of hunger and with almost no clothes. Since that moment, I thought that it was a duty for Americans and other developed countries to help the third world nations where out of 1.9 billion children 1/3 of them have no adequate shelter, 1/5 of them donÕtÕ have access to clean water, and 1/7 lack access to health services(Causes of Poverty). Can we help them?

Some people believe that the government of the developing countries should use their money better in order to help the poor; they also believe that it is the duty of their government to stop corruption before the U.S can help. In the meantime, the money of the American government should be used for others things such as War to defend American freedom. Likewise, some simply donÕt care or are not aware of what is happening and spend their money on stuff that could be used as means to save people and children.

There are also other people who believe differently; they are sure that there is an obligation to help other countries that are in need. To do so, we should tell them about the poverty issue. It is a reality that there are no jobs for millions of families, as a result children stop going to school in order to help but they are not prepared, and in many cases they get hurt, or maybe they are not hired meaning that they donÕt get paid so there is no way for them to buy food or live under good conditions. In the end these families get sick and are unable to get health care, as a result, they die. Money is a big issue here, I believe that more funds should be sent to all the countries in need, and volunteers and teens should also go and help children by giving them love and a fine environment. This is a big task, but we can do it if everyone helps.

All in all it seems logical to help people in the undeveloped countries. They are suffering and their own governments are unable to help. Not long ago, the UN (United Nations) reported that 30,000 children die each day due to poverty that is 1 child dying every 3 seconds, and 20 children dying every minute, an Asian 2004 Tsunami occurring every week(Children Living in Poverty). Although some people are not willing to help, many others believe that America is very powerful and should use all its resources to help. Bibliography Shah, Anup. "Poverty Facts and Stats." Causes of Poverty. 20 July 1998. 26 July 2007 . "Voices of Youth." Children Living in Poverty. 1995. 26 July 2007 .

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