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What Am I Going to Do in the Real World?

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

What Am I Going to Do in the Real World?

“What are you going to do, when you have to find a job and live in the real world?” Whenever my parents ask me this question I have a hard time finding an answer. The truth is the thought occurs everyday about what I want to do with my life when I have to live independent from my parents, and provide for myself. Thinking about the future though can be intimidating for a high school senior. All my life I have gotten used to having my parents to give me whatever I need, and provide counsel through difficult situations and choices I encounter. Soon I will be graduating from high school and be one step closer to having to get a job, a house, and a car.

When I graduate Culver I plan on attending St. Olaf College in Minnesota where I will study Pre- Med. Once I complete my degree in Pre- Med, I will then have to go to another college to get a Graduate degree in med school. My goal is to one day become a doctor. I know I want to become a doctor but I haven’t decided yet what type of doctor I want to be. There are so many types of doctors; ranging from Orthopedic Surgeons to Dentists and everything in between. I hope that in college I will discover the field of medicine that interests me most.

Another big issue I often think about is where I want to live once I finish my education. All my life I have lived in Georgia. Part of me would like to stay in Georgia where everything is familiar to me, but part of me also seeks the unknown of moving to another state. After spending the majority of my high school life in Indiana with its cold winters, I have become biased to most of the northern states, as I’m not a fan of snow and cold climates. I know I want to live in a state with a warm climate such as California, or Texas. This is another question that I hope will be answered when I go to college.

Becoming a doctor will be a lengthy process, but once I complete all the educational requirements finding a job should not be too difficult. Whenever I meet adults who are doctors they always seem to be well off, and have plenty of money. This is important because I’m a kid who spends lots of money, so the more money I can get the happier I will be in the real world.

Thinking about the future can be scary, and I often try to avoid it because I can’t tell what will happen. But I feel right now I’m on the right path to be successful later in life, and be able to hopefully raise a family. I also know I will be good in the field of medicine because it is an area of interest for me, so I will be motivated to be the best I can be as a doctor.

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