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a crescent moon

December 5, 2011
By xdelaneyx BRONZE, hanover, Pennsylvania
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xdelaneyx BRONZE, Hanover, Pennsylvania
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Author's note: this means a lot to me it was my 2nd story i ever did please under stand that this has happen to me

“5:00am” its kind of weird it seems as if yesterday was September, right after the accident everything for me just fell apart for me ,dad, and Frankie .I pulled the silk sheet off my body the cold air hit my legs first making them tingle like when you get shot. I could here Frankie arguing to dad how every morning he has to get up because he cant stay home alone, he is only 5 so I can see why he dose not under stand yet . I pulled on my converse I had put by the bed before I went to sleep “Delaney come on Taylor’s already out side waiting for you!” I had forgot that today was the day Taylor was taking me to school .it put my black shirt on fast and grabbed my bad something fell out but its to late to go back for it . “beep,beep,beep come one !”
“see you later dad be back at 3:00”
I slammed the door behind me I knew he did not here me because he went back to bed but he will see that I went to school .

Taylor was in front putting the red and black bow in her long black hair I really wish I had her hair my hair was short and my bangs always fell in front of my eyes but it still worked out. Next to Taylor was lexis (her girl friend there lez but that don’t bother me ). In the back was me and Miranda her hair was longish brown she was the type to always ditch Spanish . Lexis was like me short brown hair blue eyes only difference is am really tall im about 5,7 she is about 5,2 . We drove to the high school slowly because of the “accident” im still afraid to get in cars but it’s a long walk to the high school . We passed the football field where all of us hang out on Fridays with or crazy hats I have the fozzey bear hat Taylor has the panda Miranda the Eskimo and lexis has the cat hat where crazy yes, but it works .

We got to the school Taylor pulled in the side lot we where going to be late but that’s because of me . Taylor tried to pull in the spot next to a white car it had been raining that day so we laughed when we sprayed the clean car with cigarette buds , mud, and some candy rappers . We all got out fast because we could see a kid with a angry and constipated face walk out it was Jacob he was a jock terns out his parents just got him that car.
“well just think you can wash your car for the first time today your welcome” me Taylor and lexis laughed under or breath .the bell rang and the teacher came out and yelled at us as always she was starting to remember our names .
Today I have a a lot to do but its all easy .~

1st period: Gym

2nd period: Gym

3rd period : support

4th period: math

5th period: math

6thperiod: lunch

7th period: C.A

8th period: C.A

9th period: Spanish

10th period: Spanish

11th period: my free time

I am not a vary smart person I should say that’s why I have support because “I need extra help because im struggling” they say but that’s just smart talk for “your dumb you will never pass the 9th grade”. im only in there for math so I guess ill pass by a inch maybe .

All of us walked down to gym we always walk together when we get the chance , we don’t talk about normal things like other people in fact there really weird things that when people walk by you can feel them burning a hole right threw you with there eyes. We NEVER talk about guys unless Miranda brings things up about Seth or some new guy she likes . She asks me then I say nothing because I she found out I liked Sam Midland she would bother me till I slap her in her face and that would not even stop her from bothering me some times I think she is more of a dumb- butt then me.

Sam Midland was a guy who was like a mix of all of us 4 funny, dumb in a sweet way , never classy , and lovely black hair that falls over his eyes , perfect teeth and shy . “DELANEY!” lexis must have been calling me for awhile because she was yelling now.


“if you keep making that face the people in front of us might turn around and think your even weirder then you really are.”

Lexis had a way of pointing out the bad things about me that’s why I never go around Sam when she is with me practicably all of them really but I love them. Its not a long walk from the home room class to Jim we get there early so we don’t have to change in front of the other people because some of them have problems . Everyday in gym it’s the same thing stretch , lift room , Frisbee or some type of fiscally thing . We where doing or stretches when I saw Sam on the other side he was looking at me but like I said he is shy so he turned away fast when he saw me look to. His eyes where a perfect green like a cats eyes that glow his hair was black and perfect it was always shinny and seemed soft .

“ok class we are going to do our 2 mile run today around the track I hope your ready .. Lets go”

I ran over to Miranda to walk but she was interested in something besides that.

“what was that?”

“what was what ?”

“you I saw you looking over at Sam what was that about ?”
“nothing he was looking at me … I -” she cut me off before I could finish then she dramatically dropped on 2 knees and made a fake cry loudly that every one was staring
“no please …don’t tell me your in love ..any thing but love it’s the end of the world!”

The teacher yelled across the Jim then I pulled her back up “shut it Miranda before I tell every one what you and Seth did last night !” I whispered . She sat up and crossed her arms like Frankie dose when he is mad ,we got to the track and we all started running I made sure that Sam would be in front of me the whole time but that did not turn out good he just circled around behind me. We all went one by one till only I was running and Taylor Miranda and lexis where way behind. There where 3 other people running to there was me ,Jacob, Katie(jakes girl friend), and Sam every time if he passed me I would glace over hopping to see him smile at me or wink but nothing just a red face .

It was almost over and I was so tired that I stopped running it was funny because so did Sam. A few minutes later some one came up behind me a poked me it was Sam!? His face had his natural color bake a pale white

“hey ..Delaney” I could tell he ran to catch up to me
“hey Sam what’s up”
“nothing I just came to tell you that I was not looking at you during stretching”
“what am I not good for you”
“no its just -I- mean I was trying to-”
I cut him off “im kidding don’t be so reactive all the time “he turned red again “sorry” he is always trying to be nice I guess ii was to strait for ward again that’s another thing bad about me. “so are you doing any thing at lunch?” I don’t know what he was thinking but I had a feeling it would involve Miranda if she saw him talking to me so ill stay low. “no why?” he brushed back his dark smooth hair and winced when he looked up toward the sun “you want to skip 5th-6th period ? with me me and some friends are going to the lake” I don’t know why he would ask me when he had other friends I mean we never even talked “you can bring Miranda if you want.” “NO!” I covered my mouth and looked down he put his hand on my back and patted it “what’s wrong Miranda and the others get you down again?” I pulled away un willingly “no its just Miranda’s afraid of sharks !” what was I thinking sharks! “I don’t think there are sharks in a lake ? So how about it just you me and some friends nothing wrong with that” “ why me though we never talk and now your taking me on a date?” he stopped walking and put his hands on his hips “no.. not a date….. A party you could say” … “OK what time?” “12:00 see you at lunch ill tell you more” he ran off to the gym and then I followed behind I was smiling but I didn’t know it then Taylor pulled me bake to walk with her .
“he bothering you again because I have a hand free for punching today” she and Miranda laughed but not me “come on it’s a joke don’t take it like I mean it” she and Miranda pushed the kids out of the way to get in the locker room first when I didn’t even feel like changing guess there is a thing as being to happy.

I dropped my heavy bag on the chair and ran up stairs. “11:35” I have five minutes till I have to meet Sam at the lake .normally I would be on my lap top right now but I never have time any more . The warm air from out side flow through the window “how is it still warm at 11:00”! I closed the window and ran over to my bag my foot steps slammed on the floor “shhhhh”! I was to happy to respond just me Sam and two other people its like a dream but this dream is the kid that make u to never want to wake up . I heard a car pull in the drive way who could that be no one was supposed to be here at this time. I put my bathing suit on then my pants the tags scratched my bake as it came up my bake leg.the door bell rang I ran down the stairs with my bag in hand I sat it on the chair next to the door the silent movement of the person out side was strange not normal I was afraid to open the door at first but there’s nothing worse then the agony of not knowing. I smoothed out my pants and reached for the door but when I opened It I didn’t except him.

his eyes gleamed in the dark your hair a dark black I you had come for something me? your black hair fell across your face “hey you ready”? I was not sure “I thought I was meeting you there” he scratched his head “well I was driving though here thought I would just pick you up sorry I didn’t ask first” I felt ad now acting as if he was some stranger “well I guess that’s ok no harm done im ready if you want to go” “ok come on” I wanted to wrap my arms around his warm body but I had to resist. I sat in your car hoping that he would say something I was never good at talking to guys.
“im sorry”
“for what”? I asked
“not talking I can never think when im around other people” his voice was quit I never noticed that
“its ok I have that same thing I think”

The rest of the ride was silent and kind of nice I didn’t want it to end .when we got to the lake there was no one there just me and him. “where are the other guys” I said nicely I didn’t want to make him feel as if I needed them here with us I liked it better with out them.” they said they could not make it sorry” did he have a habit of saying sorry or is that just me. He stared at the moon for a while then he said “it’s a crescent moon tonight I always liked that phase its strange but there is 2 like it just 2 half’s that never meat”

He started to take of his shirt I didn’t want to look afraid that I might not be able to control my self when I saw his wonderful body. He ran into the shining water he seemed relent lent so it must have been cold. I pulled off my pants and pulled my hair tie out I was to cold to run but I just wanted to be beside his body again .

I was right the water was cold I was shaking I stud beside Sam who was still looking at the moon I tucked my hair behind my ear. “you know if you think about it me and you ant so different where looking for something we cant find something that could never happen” he was wrong every thing I had wanted to happen that night are happening. He put his warm arm on my shoulder I was happy but scared to I never had a guy act like this right to my face I wanted to cry.

“hey Sam why did you bring me here im starting to think that you friends didn’t come for a reason” he closed his eyes and flung his head bake. It looked liked he was trying to dream “I like you Delaney I always have I never asked any one to even come with us just me you and the moon that’s all I wanted” he jumped up and grabbed my other shoulder “I love you Delaney that’s all and I want to be with you till this earth blows up” he pulled me in to his face and whispered “even when the world ends or I die ill be with you all the time” right then and there he kissed me he red lips on my lips they where as soft as a teddy I wanted more of him but then I woke up.

Why did it end why did you leave I want him bake I fell bake into my pillow hoping to dream again. But all I could think about now is him and his hair his soft lips next to my lips. I fell asleep…

The next day I got up and went strait down stairs I tried to think about what happened last night was it real had I just forgotten or was it just all a dream could I see you any more I could find out today at school. I grabbed my bag and drove to school the drive made me think about me and you in the car how silent it was and warm in your car mine was just silent only the sound of the car is what I could here.

School didn’t go fast it was slow I just wanted to scream.I didn’t see you any wear I just realized that you are never hear you wear not yesterday or the day before never now I know I have gone crazy dreaming things I cant understand.I wanted you in my arms and I wanted to see you just one last time

That night I dreamed of him I kissed you and you kissed me it was the best night even if it was not real.

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