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Something to Live For

February 10, 2011
By BlackComet BRONZE, schuylkill haven, Pennsylvania
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BlackComet BRONZE, Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania
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live your life like no one ever did before

Long ago, in a far away land, called Garwood, lived a sixteen-year-old girl named Sophie. She wasn’t really the most popular girl in school, but she was one of the average ones. She had auburn hair and brown colored eyes. Her family wasn’t the best in the world especially her mom, she got mad at her very easily. She got very, very angry the one day because her mother made her stay in the castle for the rest of the day, and she didn’t get to hang out with her other friends except her dog Ruby. That same day, a little earlier before this happened, she was walking home from school with her two friends Nicole and Kendra. They were two of Sophie’s closest friends. When they were walking home, Kendra needed to stop at her Aunt’s castle. This, apparently, was against her family’s laws. At school that day, she was talking to her friend Taylor and he was very close to her. They had dated a few months earlier, but now they are still friends and Sophie is still in love with Taylor. He told her that his friend Sir Troy liked Sophie and that he wanted to spend some time with her and she agreed to. She told Taylor that she would love to spend time with Troy this coming up weekend. The thing is Sophie actually likes Troy and that she is hoping to marry him in the near future and make him king because Sophie was a princess and her parents were the king and queen and she wanted to be in that spot. So, in order for her to do that, she must marry a handsome gentleman to become queen and for him to become king. She loved the land that she was living in and the castle that she was living in but it just wasn’t right without her true love with her. So the next day, she went on a journey to find her love Troy. She was about to give up, but then suddenly she found him and she was overjoyed with excitement. Lance came up to her hugged her like he’s never seen her before and kisses her on the lips. Lance swept her away into his land of magic. Troy and Sophie ended up seeing each other everyday after that. The next day Sophie and her friend Sara went to the royal games to see their friend Taylor play, he was the team’s best player. At the games, Sophie found her friend Angela. So then they went and sat with all their friends at the games and cheered Taylor and his team on to the finish. After the games, Troy and Angela walked Sophie back to her castle. When they got there Sophie got a hug from Lance and she went in. A few days later, Sophie wanted to take a stroll in her enchanted garden, so she sent a messenger dove to give him a letter. Sophie waited for hours and hours for it to return, but when it did it had a velvet note on its collar, which meant that something bad was going to happen when she read it. When the note was read, a tear slide down her face, she was very upset. The note said:
My Dear Sophie,
I am very sorry I have to tell you this and that you have to hear it, but I am leaving you and never coming back again. Im just too old for you. I just can’t have you around me as much as you are. I can’t take it.
Sincerely, Sir Troy
This made Sophie very upset about the note. She had lost her love forever and will never fulfill her dream to become queen. She told Sara about this and she tried to comfort her but it was no use. Sophie was just in too much pain. Her heart was broken forever. She tried to get him back but he’d only take her back if she was to bare a child with him and she was too young to bare a child. Sophie was a very wise girl and she knew if she was to bare a child that she would be banished from the castle forever and she would be living on the streets. The next day she went on a quest to find Sir Troy to tell him that she was not able to bare child at her age. When she found him, he was with another princess, Princess Annabel. She was the ruler of the east castle in Garwood. Sophie needed to summon her royal knights. Once they came she sent them out to find a new prince for Sophie to marry. They came back with a handsome Prince named Prince Nicolais. He would treat her with respect and care. To her he gave a white tiger for a gift in her hand in marriage. She took the gift and agreed to marry him.
The week after the gift was given was Sophie’s wedding and she was dressed in a beautiful dress made of lace and silk from the country of France. The dress had a long train to the bottom of the dress the veil was a gold silver lace that had come from Norway’s finest weavers. Her crown was filled with 150kt diamonds. They shined in the sun whenever she walked through her castle halls. She had almost the entire kingdom at her wedding. Her mother wasn’t so happy about her getting married at a young age but it was her choice and her life so she got to pick what to do with her life. They moved to a huge castle down the way from her parent’s house, which came with its very own guardian dragon named Felix. She was gray and blew flames that were as teal as the sea. At her parent’s house, they had a dragon that was made to destroy Sophie’s castle and its name was Alexstraza. She was black and out of the cracks of her scales glowed purple. She blew flames as black as the sky at night. Sophie was now a new queen and lived with her handsome king that she loved very much. They ruled the land together for years and more to come. Later, three years after Sophie gave birth to her daughter and her name was Sefera. She looked almost a twin to Sophie but was quite more beautiful then she. Sefera was a very gorgeous as well as her mother. The next month Sefera was showing growth and ageing very quickly in each day of each month.
The next year Sefera turned seven. She was tall and thin and had silky long auburn colored hair that shined like the sun and she had gold colored eyes. Sophie had a big ball in honor or her daughters seventh birthday. All her friends from all over the land were there. Sefera was very happy until her grandmother arrived; she hated her terribly like she hated the peasant that tried to play a game with her. Sefera went straight to her father when she arrived. Her father had her removed immediately from the castle. Sefera was still unhappy because she was left a present and when she opened it she was very confused because the name on the letter was the initials L.M., when she showed it to her mother she knew exactly who it was from. The present was a pair of pure gold gown shoes; Sophie was very glad and curious that the person she knew gave this to her daughter. The next day, Sophie went to a castle a few miles down from hers. The castle belonged to her ex-love Sir Lance. When she got there she was surprised to see him and the reaction on his face when he opened the door. Sophie was invited in to speak to him. She started to ask him why he gave her daughter the shoes for her birthday. He said that he wanted to show that he was still in love with her and that he wanted to do something for her daughter.

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