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Firework Bulls

January 8, 2016
By Anonymous

Author's note:

I hope from this piece people learn how to face their fears

I hear the band playing as the people with their bulls dance with them.  As the last person goes before I go, I start to panic and get nervous because I know i’m next.  I felt as nervous then i did when i flew in a airplane for the first time .  Like what if i don’t do it right, my feet hurt now, what if I fall and go down the hill like the other guy did,what if my hair gets burnt.  Questions were racing through my mind at this time.  Before I knew it I was next.
           I put on my boots before i could step on the cold icy floor.  After putting on my boots I walk over to my great aunt’s kitchen smelling the aroma of the rice cooking.  I could feel the rice in my mouth as I stare at it .  As I  tear my eyes away from the food.  I could hear the yelling of my little cousins as they walk into the house eager  to leave for the party later today.  Where my great aunt & great uncles were finishing packing up the food. I walk across the kitchen heading over to the living room to see my cousin passed out on the couches. I can’t blame them we went to bed at like 1am and woke up at 6:30am.I try  sitting on the couch but their was no room left. So i walk over As she passed me i said hi, i’m pretty sure she didn’t see before hand because she jumped back and i scared her. i stood up from the couch and left to go get my cowgirl hat and my phone and bag.I hope I do good tonight i really don’t want to mess up at all.  When i go back to the kitchen i see that no one is there so i start running towards the door where i see everyone getting ready to leave to the racho well expect my mom and Daniel.  They are going to my older cousin’s quinceanera while my dad and I are going to a party in the racho.  I see that everyone had already put everything inside the car.  So i run to the car and sat in the second row and the seat next window.  Everyone else to gets in.  My dad starts the car up. As the car starts to go down the rocky road i look out the window.I see the big blue sky above with marshmallow clouds.All around me i see trees,dirt. As were on our way were on our way i smell the aorma of home made tamles which makes me want some.Before we can get to the rancho we go pick up my other great uncle and son and family.As we start to go to my uncles house i turn on my phone and start to read my book.
      Before i know it were at my uncle’s house. I see as my uncle comes out of his house my cousin and another uncle. I scoot all the way down the seat to the window. Everyone was talking around me laughing,talking. I was just reading waiting to get to my cousins house so we can drop off my mom and brother.I start to read the book i've trying to finish for a while. To be honest i feel that Tris must have been scared during this whole just never showed it.After what seems like 30 minutes I hear the car come to a stop.  I see that we stop in front of my cousins i get out the car to get my moms stuff .   As i grab her stuff I walk to my cousins door and knock. My mother right once my cousin saw my mom it looked like she was going to cry.   My mom went over to her and hugged her i went inside her house to leave my mom’s and brother’s stuff. As I  was heading out to back in the car.I turned around and headed right back to the house again and to say bye to my cousins,mom,little brother.I see that my dad is ready to leave before I leave my mom comes up to me and told me to be good and that stuff and to call her if i can.She tells me she loves me and then we started to leave i get inside the car when i get in the car i go back in in my original place i was in before i got out. I get my headphones i, also get out my phone turn on my phone start finish reading my book i started after awhile i got bored of it so i turn off my music and phone and grab my divergent book and start it from the beginning. I was still reading when the car came to a stop.I close my book and grab my taki bag and head out.I head out the car to see myself surrounded by a handful trees.
         The sky is a clear blue as i step out of the car. I see children laughing and playing around me. I can hear the echos of the water throughout the rancho.People acting as if time would never go by i thought to myself if only everyday could feel this calm and peaceful . As i walk over to my aunt i can feel the sun beating on my back. I walk over to the table trying not to step on any animals or trick over rocks on my way. I walk over to my aunt she tells me  i should walk around for a bit so get my dad and we around through the hills and trees. On our way back from the walk my dad stops and starts to talk to people i have never met after a while he tells me they're my aunts and uncles. I start thinking how aunts and uncles do i have i swear i have met over 20 now. I say hi and start to head over to our car. I scroll down the windows and grab and start to read.
  ~9 hours later~
            After all my cousins came the rancho we started to bring out the firework bulls in total there was 13 bulls because it was on the 13th of june. They started to call people up to grab their I knew i was last because i had the most important the captain of the bulls. So meanwhile while i wait for mine. I go find my cousin Yari since he already had his with him. We talked for awhile about how nervous we were until they called my name i waved to him walked over to get my bull.They start to bring first one out.I look around and see people jumping and shouting i look over to my cousin i start to walk over to him. “ Cachi are you nervous.” He asked me.
“ Yea but not really.” I told him. For a little while more we just talked until his name is called. I tell him good luck. I start to head over to where i’m suppose to be. “Are you ready ?” My uncle asked as passed me. I didn’t answer him because he was already gone by the time i was about to answer him. I,?? felt as if my world stop when they said  it was turn as they lit my bull i start to run to where i  am suppose to be. When i get there i noticed that the firework were already going off i dance around the firework tower. All i can see i flashing colors in front of me i can see and hear the firework going out next me. As i was close to being done i could feel that i got a little burnt but that's ok. When the firework bull stops shooting fireworks i know i’m done. I start to walk over to family. They all said i did a great job i take my hat off and see that my hair didn’t get burnt, also i didn’t fall down the hill like the other person. I really had no worries. I see my dad come up to me. “You did good Cachi would you ever like to dance another one again.” My dad asked me.
“Yea i would.” I told him he nodded and smiled and walk over to help my great uncle epqufionion . I turned around and thought to myself i can’t wait for next time.
        From this experience I learned not to worry about everything in life. Also to  have faith that everything will turn out right.

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