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October 31, 2019
By Anonymous

     I remember my trip up north. I went up to Jackson, Michigan to see my Great Aunt Velma and Great Uncle Joe. I always enjoy my trips up north. The sheer beauty of the northern landscape is truly a sight to behold.  From the shimmering blue waters to the massive amounts and different varieties of trees you can see, from pine to maple, and when you go there in the fall It’s truly beautiful simply due to the colors of the trees. All those trees, despite the pines, all shift into bright reds and oranges. It's one of the things I miss about visiting when I leave. Upon arriving, I stepped out of the car and walked inside my Great Aunt’s home to be greeted by not only my great aunt and uncle, but their dog too, whom was rather big who of which jumped up on me and started to lick my face. I gently pushed him off and hugged my great aunt. 

“Hey, It’s good to see you guys again, It’s been awhile.”

“It’s good to see you too,” My Great Aunt replied “I really missed you.”

I broke the hug and walked outside to get my bags and took them to my room. My aunt and uncle socialized with my Great Aunt and Uncle while I relaxed in my room. Later that evening,  I went outside and noticed just how quiet it actually was. I just stood and looked into the surrounding forest and simply listened to the quiet. It was actually quite mesmerizing. One never really understands what they miss until it’s gone and That quietness was something I enjoyed, some might say, a little too much. I then proceeded to look around and see the animals. The birds specifically. I noticed the birds that flew freely and thought how nice it must be. Just the thought of being able to fly freely, scavenge your own food and not have to worry about someone else slaughtering an animal and paying high dollar to get a sufficient amount of protein needed for one's daily life. But what does that matter, I still eat it without thought. I digress from my rant to continue on. As I was saying, the freedoms expressed by the idea of those birds is something I thought deeply of. I looked into the gloomy forest and watched the trees dance as the wind blew. My uncle walked out and stood next to me and looked with me. 

“What are you looking at?” my uncle asked. 

“Just the beauty. I’m thinking more than looking” I replied. 

     He chuckled to himself and walked back inside leaving me outside with my own thoughts.

     I sat there and just visualized how life in an industrious area is like, with all the smoke and pollutants filling the air from the factories, the exhaust and noise from the vehicles, then I compared that seemingly dark and miserable city life to what i was simply looking at. A beautiful forest, not chopped down, all the wildlife living free, and the clean-smelling air. This rural area seemed so peaceful to me, yet was a perfect place for everything. An area that wasn’t polluted and a place where wildlife and people could co-exist. An area of such an industrious society that wasn’t destroyed. Maybe if people would stop, look, and listen at the condition of the world and the advice on how to stop destroying it the sheer beauty could be or would be available to all to appreciate

     I remember being up there and walking outside at night and just looking at the night sky. It was just illuminated by the mass number of stars that shimmered like diamonds and was just as beautiful as being on a hill looking over the horizon. I look back at that moment in my head and just miss it every time. It’s something you have to see for yourself to truly experience and an experience I was glad to have witnessed and appreciated when I had the chance.  It’s a rather unique experience and one that’s rather different for one who doesn’t see it everyday. 

     It was the second and final day of my stay with them. I woke up and walked into the kitchen to get some coffee. I prefer my coffee with three sugars and creamer, but my aunt prefers just a teaspoon of sugar and my uncle prefers a teaspoon and creamer. I made them coffee, as well as a cup for myself. I took my cup and walked outside. The grass was shining because of the dew, and the sun was just starting to rise. I sat on a brick step and just took a deep breath of air. The air was fresh and clean smelling. I glanced down at my cup, looking slightly at the beige colored, sweet tasting coffee. I spun the cup in my hand and watched at the coffee spin like a top. I then diverted my attention back to reality, while taking a sip of coffee. I finished my coffee and walked back inside setting my coffee cup down and getting a glass of water. I sipped it and glanced inside the glass seeing the water mirror me. I set the water down and walked to my room to pack my things. Me, my aunt and uncle all said our goodbyes and set off. I looked out the window and said to myself.

     “I’m gonna miss the seemingly sheer, yet subtle beauty of up north. It’s a type of beauty that should be preserved, like an endangered species. Treated like something that won’t be someday.”  

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I think that this was a great account of your visit to your extended family. I really like the way you described nature and quiet. Additionally I think it’s great how you weaved big and small moments into this narrative. Keep it up!