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December 12, 2009
By Noshabora GOLD, St. Cloud, Florida
Noshabora GOLD, St. Cloud, Florida
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"Poetry and art are when you take decades of thought and condense it into a nifty little portable carrying case that people can see and go 'Oooh, Ahh'... and then forget about it. But what does it matter, so long as YOU remember it?" ~ Bela

I really hope to get a better image of this when I go on vacation this Christmas to Florida. (The piece is hanging on the wall of my grandmother's house down there) but as it is now, I only have this one, which is sortof blurry, and taken at a slight angle. ( the piece should actually be ROUND, not elliptical. That's what I menat by angle, it's taken from off to the side)It also has poetry written around it that can't really be read well in this image, So I'll put the whole poem up later, or try to at least. (once I find it) When I post it, it will be titled "SILENCE".

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