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We are Doomed

June 3, 2015
By Eric.X PLATINUM, Mason, Ohio
Eric.X PLATINUM, Mason, Ohio
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We are doomed.
It is a three-word epitaph, an obituary for us all.
We are doomed.
But we will fight, because it is the only thing that we can do. They show no mercy, they show no compassion, they show no fear. They spare none. There is no surrender to them- only death.
So we must fight.
It is futile.
But still we must fight. For hope. For the smallest, slightest chance that we will glimpse victory.
But there is nothing left to do. We cannot lie down and die. That is not in our nature.
So we fight. There is no more retreat, no more surrender. We draw the line here, saying this is where we give no more ground, where we make our last stand.
We fight on.
We know that they are unstoppable in their suits of iron, bringing death with roars of thunder and flashes of fire and lightning. Their fury is volcanic, a tide of death.
They come from the sky, falling to the earth in their shells of invincible steel. We shoot them, we bomb them, we do everything, but we cannot stop them.
They swarm over our land, our seas, our planets. They bring death and destruction with them, and their ships sail the great black sea of space.
It’s funny how they are like the final frontier. They feel no emotion, killing with no remorse.
But they know so much more than we. No matter how hard we fight, they always defeat us. When one of them falls, one, two, five, ten, a dozen, a hundred, a thousand, a million more come from the skies to take its place.
They destroy our countries, our colonies, with entire worlds snuffed out in a great burst of fire.
They are more advanced than we. Their technology is beyond our comprehension. Everything they do, we don’t understand.
Except for one thing.
We know why they kill us.

It is because, once, we killed them.
Once, we raided their villages, their towns, killing everyone, razing their monuments.
We waged a genocidal war against them.
But the last time we came, we saw something new. Instead of small, isolated villages, or great cities of marble and stone, or even sprawling masses of brick and concrete buildings, we saw great spires of steel and glass. We saw huge factories of war, spitting out thousands of killing machines. We saw huge weapons that could obliterate entire planets with a single blow.
And we knew.
Revenge is simple, but it was sweet.
They had come back for us.
Now, our race is on the brink of extinction, all by the hand of the ones we once hunted.
For with them, there is no surrender. There is no mercy. There is no negotiation.
They are relentless. They are unstoppable. They. Are. Human.

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The essay prompt:  We are doomed....

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LoveRead said...
on Jun. 9 2015 at 8:45 am
Good Poetry!